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Friday Brown

By 10:23 pm

By Vikki Wakefield 


‘I am Friday Brown. I buried my mother. My grandfather buried a swimming pool. A boy who can’t speak has adopted me. A girl kissed me. I broke and entered. Now I’m fantasising about a guy who’s a victim of crime and I am the criminal. I’m going nowhere and every minute I’m not moving, I’m being tail-gated by a curse that may or may not be real. They call me Friday. It has been foretold that on a Saturday I will drown…’

Friday, 17, flees memories of her mother, grandad, and the family curse. She joins Silence in a street gang led by beautiful charismatic Arden, and escapes to a ghost town in the outback. In Murungal Creek, the town of never leaving, Friday faces the ghosts of her past. Sometimes you have to stay to finish what you started, and before you can find out who you are, you have to become someone you never meant to be.

*I would like to say thank you to Vikki Wakefield for my copy in return for a honest review, this did not affect my opinion whatsoever*

Review - No Spoilers 

I absolutely adored this novel. I think I would have read it in one sitting if I didn't have school. Friday Brown is a great easy and quick read for the weekend. I was so excited when I received this in the mail and started reading it almost immediately. I think one of the things that attracted me to this book was that it was set in Australia. I think this is one of the first books I've read that was set in Australia and I just loved it. As I am from Australia as well it made extremely easy to imagine what it looked like. 

I think a major thing in this book was the characters. Each individual character had such a uniqueness to them and they each had a different back-story which tied in with the story-line well. The protagonist, Friday, was a character that I loved reading in her perspective. Sometimes she had very witty comments and she also was a strong character who was able to adapt to terrible situations quickly. She was also such a typical Aussie which I loved and I consider her as a heroine in her own way. Sometimes I think people think to be a hero you need to be brave, strong and need to be a good leader. Yeah these are the qualities that are in one but you have to consider the different types of heroes and heroines.   

The whole book was about 'street kids' and it is not a subject I have explored before so it was completely new to me. It was well paced but sometimes I thought it was a little slow. The writing style was perfectly done in first person which is my preference. If you're one who does not like vulgar language consider yourself warned but I can tell you there were some very funny lined. To be honest I didn't know much about this book which was great because it didn't set any expectations but I took Sunny's  word for it and gave it a shot. 

I really recommend this book to anyone who likes a good contemporary. Even if you're not a huge fan like me it's nice to take a break every once and a while to read a nice light read. Friday Brown has left a great impression on me and I definitely want to try Vikki's other book All I Ever Wanted. I think this novel will be one I will remember for a while and I think it deserves more attention.



  1. Great Review! So glad you liked it. I can agree with the slow pacing at times but overall it was a great novel.

  2. Now I definitely need to read this. I love contemporary books! Especially ones like this one! Great review. :)