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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge {Day 14-15}

By 12:09 pm

It is now the last 2 day for the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge which is hosted by Good Books and Good Wine and it is basically another way for you readers to get to know us bloggers! 

Day 14

Tell us your deal breakers
If you're not sure what is meant by 'Deal Breakers' it is meant to be related to what things in a book immediately makes you not want to read it. This is quite easy as there are many topics that make me immediately cringe and I'm sure that many people agree as this has been a 'hot topic' in the blogging world recently.  

  • Love Triangles - now I'm not sure about you readers but I am getting sick of was cool the first time round but now it is a just getting way to common and now it seems that there can never be a normal stable relationship with two characters. I don't mind love-triangles where you yourself as a reader can't decide between the two love interests. 
  • Insta-love - I find insta-love really unrealistic and I just really don't enjoy reading it at all. Sometimes I don't mind it occasionally to read a nice cute romance to take a break from all the heavy stuff but it doesn't have to necessarily be 'insta-love'. 
  • Bad grammar/spelling - I just find it so weird in novels as they're meant to be professional. And if the grammar is so bad that I can't understand well then...there is no way I'm going to read it. 
  • Main characters - I hate it when the main character is so hard to get along with that you just end up hate reading in there perspective. It just makes the book not enjoyable at all. 
  • Dialogue - I hate it when the dialogue is just awkward, I just cringe every time a character says something really stupid 
  • Embarrassing moments - This isn't necessarily a 'deal breaker' but I just hate it when something embarrassing happens as it feels like I'm the character doing it. 
This is all I could really think of the moment. Obviously there are more factors in a book that are 'deal breakers' but these are only a few. I think it just falls down to whether I enjoy it or not. 

Day 15!!! - The End

Who are your blogging mentors?
I don't really have a blogging mentor but I do have blogs which I look up to and get inspiration from. Obviously my friend Sunny has been a great help to me with starting up my blog but also a group on Goodreads called Teen Bloggers who have been a great help. If you're a newbie blogger like I am, I really suggest that you join this group. They answer all your questions concerning your blog and it's also a great group to just chat about the latest books. 

It's sad to say that this is the end of the challenge. It doesn't feel like 15 days went buy which goes to show how fast time is going. I really enjoyed doing this challenge and every day after school I would feel excited to write a new post. I would like to say thank you to Good Books and Good Wine for creating this awesome challenge and if you're a fellow book blogger like me I suggest you participate in this challenge. Trust me it won't take up to much of your time and believe me 15 days is actually a short time and also it's something you do in your own time it's not rushed. 
I would also say a quick thank you to all the readers who have been reading my posts and leaving comments. Much appreciated! 


  1. Oh this looks like such fun! Thanks for the mention, your blog has grown so much. I'm so glad you started blogging. I hate insta love and bad leads too. Great Post.

  2. You have done so well with this challenge Francoise! *APPLAUSE* Teen Bloggers is awesome! And I wouldn't have met you or your blig without it :O So hooray! Great post :)