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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge {Day 6}

By 9:12 pm

Today I have to describe how I shop for books. Now this is going to be a very short post because I can tell you now...I never get to buy books. If I do get money I usually get the choice to get one book which is heart breaking because I usually have to choose out of like 10. I usually shop at Dymocks and I recently found out that Kinokuniya is waaay more cheaper ($3-$5, doesn't seem like much but it all adds up) so I know I'll be buying my books there from now on. I usually borrow books as I have no room on my bookshelf but I am happy because I'll probably be getting a new one soon!!!

But the way I shop for books usually follow this devastating pattern:

  1. I find a new book on Goodreads that I am dying to read *cough* The 5th Wave
  2. I march up to my local book store with a determined expression (QBD or Dymocks) 
  3. I then search for this (one) book and find like 50 others that I want
  4. Get all excited that this book store has all these books
  5. I then fish around in my pocket to find that there is nothing but an old hair band or an old mint.
  6. Then I start weeping on the book store floor surrounded in a pile of books earning me odd stares from innocent bystanders because I'm broke.  
  7. I start reading a book trying to get as much read in a limited amount of time
  8. 1 hour later the shop owner gives me the stare that says "Are you going to buy that" 
  9. Then I have to leave...

So yeah...that is how I describe how I shop for books.

How do you shop for books?


  1. I love your book challenge, it's so fun to check up on it every day:) I do the same thing as you, in your first part about GOODREADS. I love checking up on my books there, then finding them at the book-store/library. I want to do this sometime!

  2. This book challenge looks so interesting :) I wanna try this someday !
    And got those staring eyes is not the worst case, trust me!
    There was a time I saw a book that many people have rated good.
    I really wanna show my friend that and then I ended up brought out of the bookstore without paying. The sale clerk stopped me, took it back and I swear that was the most embarrasing moment of my life T T
    But now I'm happy that I found a brand new store that has a lot of book xD I'm in heavennnn xD JK :P
    Have a nice day

    1. You should definitely do this tag!!! But OMG I did that once and took the book out the mum like hurried me back in before they noticed.