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A Monthly Round Up: June

By 12:06 pm

So this month has been a real let down for me. I was in a bit of a reading slump and even though I have 8 books to be read stacked by my bed, I could never seem to finish one of them. I kind of find it ironic because the month before I was wondering how people could end up in a reading slump when there is so much variety. Well look where that got me...I will never laugh again. But for me I think June was more of an interactive with the whole new feature Two Diva's Bookish Discussions which I am excited to continue. I hope you guys found it entertaining and I am excited for the next topic.

In this whole month I was only able to finish 3 books! I know it's shocking...but at least I was able to read something.

This month I am hoping to read all of the 8 books that are stacked beside my bed. I'm hoping to finish them before the holidays so I can return them all knowing I finished them.

Thank you all



  1. Don't worry I only read Four novels this month but I'm coming to except it because they were all fantastic novels. Luckily I'm out of my slump, but I know how you feel. They totally suck. I had a great time at PTA and then writing about it with you. Happy July (I have a feeling it's going to be a good one).

    1. I definitely hope so. And obviously it's going to be a good month because its your birthday!

  2. It's not about quantity but quality:) Happy reading in July!

    My Wrap Up:

  3. Sounds like you had a busy month, hopefully things will get quieter for you and you can dig in to that bedside pile! :-)