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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge {Day 1}

By 6:43 pm

Hey guys, from seeing this tag on a number of blogs I decided to join in as it sounds like fun. This challenge is hosted by Good Books and Good Wine and it is basically another way for you readers to get to know us bloggers! 

So to kick it off with day 1 I have to make 15 book related confessions.
  1. I have not yet a John Green book. I know I can picture your cries of outrage right now and I promise I plan  to read The Fault in our Stars. I have already made a reservation at my school library so chill, I will get there (eventually) 

2. I tried Clockwork Angel and couldn't finish it. ^^again your cries of outrage. I borrowed it from my library and I just couldn't finish it. I don't really like it when books are set in the olden times so that made it really difficult for me. I think the hype surrounding all the Cassandra Clare books sort of ruined it for me but again I promise to give City of Bones a try. (Especially before the movie comes out) 

3. I usually never leave the house with out being able to read something. So like if I'm waiting for the bus I'll have a book handy. (Never a boring situation) 

4. A lot of my friends don't know about my blog. I don't know why but I just don't publicise to my school friends that I have one. It's not that I'm ashamed as I love and enjoy blogging and I'm proud of it but I just never have the time to mention it. Only 3 of my non-blogging friends know about it. 

5. If I am in a book store I usually sit there and read and pretend that I am actually browsing. It's only when I get that look that says 'Are you going to buy that book' do I ever leave. Other than that I usually take my time. Choosing books is really hard. 

6. I have to have a mental debate over which book to choose to buy so I'm usually just standing there looking like an idiot. 

7. All my book boyfriends have created high standards  (They must be like Tobias) 

8. I find it really hard to read books on like pdf or on my phone. It really hurts my eyes so I try to avoid it unless I am desperate. 

9. I really want to do a book vlog but I want to focus on blogging first and build up my confidence. 

10. I want to become a writer when I'm older. 

11. I think the Percy Jackson and the I Am Number Four movies sucked! But I'm not going into that or I could write a whole essay. 

12. It really annoys me when I fell a spelling or grammatical error in a book. Why? How is that possible? It's meant to be a book! 

13. I don't like insta-love and love triangles. Love triangles were cool at the start but now that I am seeing it in EVERY book it's just become annoying and boring. Is it that hard to have a different idea authors??? (Probably) Insta-love I just find really unrealistic. I don't know why. 

14. I hate not finishing a series once it's started. That's why I prefer trilogies because I find when a series drags on too much a cannot finish it and that really irks me. 

15. I really do judge a book by it's cover, title, and blurb. It just doesn't attract my attention if it doesn't stand out so that means I likely won't give it a chance if I don't see it. I also hate Australian version of covers! Can't we just stick to one simple cover that is world wide!!! 

Thank you for reading my post and leave a comment of what you think! Do you agree with some of the things I said? Stay posted to see Day 2!