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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge {Day 12}

By 7:03 pm

The question of today is: How do you fight blogger fatigue?

The answer is quite easy for this question, I think it's important to pace yourself. I think that sometimes I just want to post, and post and do even more posting but I have to remember I have a life outside blogging and have to sleep. But my lack of sleep is usually due to a good book not because of blogging. I admit I do late night post (ahem 1:00 in the morning) but I do try and pace myself. I think it's important as a blogger to not let your blog control your life and to make sure that blogging doesn't seem like a required task. Blogging is absolutely your free will. I think changing up your blog every once in a while also helps because then you don't get bored as easily because I don't know 'bout you, but I check  my blog nearly every day. 

So these are a few points that came to mind when I thought of blogger fatigue. So what do you think of the topic? Write your answer in the comment section! 



  1. I have a slight blogging addiction... I'm always checking it! But that's just because it's the summer holidays right now and I've got so much spare time on my hands! Hence why I tend to blog practically every day/every other day in summer! :D I also think it's a good thing to pace yourself with your blog if you're starting to get bored with it. :P