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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge {Day 4}

By 12:36 pm

The question for today is: *drum-roll*

What's the last book you flung across the room?

I had to think long and hard about this one because I don't tend to throw books...ever. But after much thought the Sequel to The Goddess TestGoddess Interrupted was definitely the last one I threw. As you can tell by my heated review this novel really irked me. I loved the first book and I thought it was amazing but this one just let me down so hard. I won't even go into the details as to why or it'll end in another rant but Goddess Interrupted was definitely the last book I flung across the room. I'm not to sure whether I want to continue the series as there are many other books on my TBR pile (which keeps growing) but I have to say I am still pretty curious as to what happens. I hate starting a series and not continue read it.


  1. Haha yes The Goddess Interrupted I liked but a lot of things irked me. I love the GIFS. Great Post :D

    PS. You should definitely continue because all though Book 1 was the best, book 3 is better then 2.