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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge {Day 5}

By 6:24 pm

For today's challenge I have to recommend a tear jerker. Now I don't really cry when I read books and I can't remember the last one I did so I have nothing to recommend. Does this mean I fail the challenge??? *Gasp* I hope not! Because I haven't read The Fault in our Stars I don't know whether I actually will cry but judging from everyone else's feed back this one is definitely one to bring on the waterworks. I'm happy because the reservation has finally come in and I can pick it up tomorrow!!!

Notice: I'm sorry if there won't be much activity on this blog but school just started back again and I won't be able to read as don't expect much for a while!


  1. I don't cry when I read books either. I read TFIOS and I didn't cry. I thought it was an "okay" read. Hopefully you enjoy it :)

    Little Book Star