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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge {Day 7-8}

By 8:29 pm

Day 7

As you can tell I missed out to write this post yesterday as I had a lot of school work so apologise for the delay. For Day 7 I have to write about my blogging 'quirks.' To be honest I don't know what my quirks are so I was thinking of changing today's challenge up. I want you readers to answer in the comment section what my blogging quirks are. I don't care what you say, it can be something bad I do or suggestions to improve my review. To get you started I can imagine I have really bad spelling and grammatical errors but keep in mind I'm Australian so I might spell certain words different to you.

What are my blogging quirks?

Day 8  

Today I have to write 15 bullet points on what things appeal to me on blogs. 
  1. Readable fonts: I think this is a very important factor as I hate fonts that are really hard to read and I have to squint and lean into the computer screen. (And it's really bad for the eyes!)
  2. Gif's: I really like funny gif's you see in reviews but too many can ruin it as it's always the content that counts.
  3. Good Designs: I obviously like a good design for example a fancy header. 
  4. Sidebars: I don't like clogged sidebars 
  5. Promoting books:I like it when I don't see a well known book because then I know nothing about it and it's not like I've seen fifty other reviews on it. *cough* Cassandra Clare *cough* 
  6. Background Colour:A white back ground: When I say this, I meant I don't really like reading white writing on a black background. 
  7. Size: A good size font (sorry font really matters to me)
  8. Detailed Reviews:I like it when people have detailed reviews, I hate it when people were just like it's amazing...some explanation needed please. But I understand when it's hard to find words to express the feels that you are going through.
  9. URL:I saw this on another blog called A Little Shelf of Heaven and the point was simple URL. I think this is really important because it gets annoying when it gets all complicated with numbers and certain words a spelt differently for example Kids is spelt least give us a chance to guess.
  10. Discussions: I really like posts that are easy to respond to like discussions. I really like joining in on the conversation and just love putting my opinion out there. (Which is why I blog)
  11. Spelling/Grammar: Obviously I like correct spelling and grammar but we all make mistakes all the time and I'm sure I do it all the time...
  12. Give-aways: I really love entering give-aways...and obviously winning them. 
  13. Weekly Memes: I like seeing weekly memes and stuff such as stacking the shelves and waiting on Wednesday.
  14. Layout Size: I like the size of the layout to be reasonable. I don't like it when the sidebar pushed the post to the side, it takes the attention away from what matters. 
  15. Humour: I like it when a review has humour in it. It really connects to the audience and I love having a laugh here and there. 
So that ends today's challenge. What did you think? Did you agree or disagree with what I said? If so please drop a comment below and I will be sure to check em out! 


  1. I see we have the same opinion on fonts. I hate it when I have to wear my glasses in order to read a blog post! And I also hate book blogs that post A LOT of blurbs, cover reveals, giveaways, etc. I like to see some reviews too since I think that's the essence of a book blog. Yep and detailed reviews are the best too! I don't like reading reviews that are shorter than the book blurb, hehe.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my discussion! I totally agree with your points, especially the detailed reviews. I like to read an explanation for why someone did or did not like the book:)