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The Rise of Nine

By 12:16 pm

By Pittacus Lore


Who can they trust?
In the third book of the Lorien Legacies we get even more thrilling action. The stakes are higher than ever and each member of the Garde are feeling the pressure. There abilities and team work are put to the test in the most suspenseful situations. The two groups try desperately to meet each other without getting caught by the Mogs. It seems like an easy task until they realize a group of humans are siding with the Mogadorians. 
How will they ever meet up?

Review - Warning - Spoilers 

All the fans including me were waiting for this book to come out for ages. And I personally think that this was one of the best books in the series. I liked the ending but it ended on such a cliff hanger and I am just dying to read the next book. I can't wait to read the epic showdown between the Mogadorians and the members of the Garde. And I wonder which problems will arise...
I also really want to find out whether John is Pittacuse Lore. I think it could be a possibility but part of me thinks that he isn't the strongest out of all of them. But hey, I need to see more action to be the judge of that.




  1. I am wondering whether John is Pittacus Lore too... I think I need to re-read this before the fourth book, The Fall of Five, comes out later this year :)

  2. I think I might have to read it again too. I just can't wait till the next book comes out!!!