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My Soul to Take

By 5:45 pm

BY Rachel Vincent

Kaylee has the ability to sense when someone is about to die. You'd think this is a cool ability but the problem is she can't do anything to stop the deaths. When Nash, one of the hottest guy starts paying attention to her, she can only hope that she can have a normal life. But her life is far from normal as a number of kids in her school start dropping dead for no apparent reason. This is the least of her problems as her latest crush seems to be the only one with the answers to all her problems. 

What could Nash be hiding? 

Review - No Spoilers 

This was such a good series that held my attention for quite a while. It was such an individual idea and I had never read a book that was like it. There were a couple of things I liked about it

1. Kaylee, the main character was likable. I didn't have the need to roll my eyes like I seem to be doing quite frequently lately. She has a great deal of courage and she isn't stubborn like a lot of characters.

2. The plot was unique and again I did not suspect a thing. It wasn't predictable and as you get further into the series, the events that take place will give you whiplash. 

3. One major thing I liked about this book was that the reaction that Kaylee has is exactly what a normal person would be like. This makes it easier to relate to her character and you can put yourself into her place. I give a round of applause to the author. There is nothing I hate more than when the main character gets overly emotional and just acts...stupid.

4. It was a different sort of Paranormal Romance. It was completely different to the usual vampire or werewolf book which is what I am use to. I can tell the author spent a lot of time building up the story-line and made sure it all worked perfectly which is what everyone wants. 

The cover looks awesome and I liked the overall uniqueness to it and I love the title.



  1. You've been reccomending this to me for a while now but I never really knew what it was about. It actually looks so good! Lovely review :)