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Oh My Gods

By 12:12 pm

Tera Lynn Childs

When Phoebe's mum meets a new guy they move to an island making her life crash around her. Her senior year plan and track season were thrown out the window. She has to deal with a new school, an evil step sister, and keeping secrets from her old friends. A secret about her new school and the people in it...
And better yet, her mums dating the principle of her new school.
Could her life get any better? 

Review - No Spoilers 

Oh My Gods was such a funny book. The humor in it was great and I loved the ending. I think this is a great book for you if you just want  a quick read on the weekend.

I loved the main character as she had a great sense of humor and she isn't a typical girly-girl who cares about what her clothes look like. She loves to run and you could really relate to her as she had the normal teenage problems. This is a book that will keep you laughing and entertained throughout the whole book. It's just the small things that makes you laugh.