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Josephine Angelini 

Can you defy destiny?
Helen has spent her life wondering why she was different to others. She hid her inhuman strength knowing that she'll only be set as an outcast if word got out. And the worse thing is, she lives on a small island called Nantucket and everybody knew everybody and everything. So roomers spread quickly.
Her world turns to hell when she meets Lucas Delos. She has this crazy urge to kill him.
But what she doesn't know that this is all part of history repeating itself.

Review - No Spoilers  

I loved this book. Again this is another book set on Greek Mythology. This book also took a completely different aspect to others. I loved the romance and the twist at the end. I found the start a little slow but once you really get into the book you can't stop reading. It's obvious that the author took great time in building the story line and she also spent a lot of time studying Greek Mythology. The book really lives up to the title. Forget Romeo and Juliet, this couple has it bad when it comes to being 'star-crossed lovers'.
This book will leave you hanging off the end of your seat. It's hard to put it in words but it's more of a you really love it, or you don't like it sort of books. It doesn't always suit peoples interests. (but it's the same with every book) I for one, honestly I would write more...but I simply can't. You just have to trust me and read it!