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Sweet Evil

By 8:42 pm

By Wendy Higgins

Summary - 

What if there were teens whose lives literally depended on being bad influences? Anna Whitt is commonly known as the girl with the 'Good-girl Syndrome'. That title soon changed when she met the Drummer of Lascivious, a teen who is well sort after by fan-girls because of his extremely good looks. Anna tries to stop the immediate pull that she feels towards him as she knows he's only going to bring trouble which she always tries to avoid. But trouble always find its way. She was born with the abilities to sense, see, and feel emotions of other peoples. But why can't she get a read on this mysterious drummer. Said drummer is the reason she finds out about her true self and real heritage. But what if she wishes she never knew?


Comment - No spoilers!

I think this book will most likely suite your interests if you like unsuspecting twists at the end. Also, if you like Paranormal Romances like I do this is definitely something you'll want to read. Wendy Higgins is a brilliant writer who has obviously put a lot of thought into her books. And one key factor I liked about this book is that she didn't put a cliche ending that you'll expect. This book is pure genius and I'd like to give the author a round of applause for actually getting it right. A key point for this book which also boosted my rating is that I don't have the wish to throttle the main character. The main character Anna is a likable character and you don't feel like rolling your eyes every time she does something stupid. I am really picky when it comes to reading a book and the main character. I find it incredibly annoying when they do something stupid .

Another thing is, the introduction is not boring. If your like me who absolutely hates a slow moving story, you'll love this book. This is a book which you cannot put down. This book will leave you pining to read the next book. There wasn't one boring moment in this book and I didn't have the need to skip any pages.
I had to read this book on PDF because I couldn't wait for the library. I placed my reservation but of course...there was a long list of people. And unfortunately people aren't always the fastest readers not saying that it's a bad thing. But in this was literally killing me!

If you like the 'bad boy' type of characters like I do, this is definitely a book you'll enjoy.

Review - Warning - Spoilers!!! - I need someone to fan with me!

This book was amazing. I remembered seeing the book cover in my library last year thinking I wanted to read it. I never got around to it and just yesterday I started/finished it. It was so good it only took me one day to read it. I thought the story line was extremely unique and I liked the slight love-triangle in it towards the end. I loved the concept of how the children of demons have to create chaos in order to work and stay alive. It makes you wonder, oh my gosh what if this was real! The author also did an excellent job of fitting small details that make life seem a little more clearer. The whole thought of that nagging voice in the back of your head is really your Guardian Angel.
The ending both frustrated me but I loved it. It annoyed me because 1. Anna shouldn't have interfered with the meeting especially because it wasn't like she was in trouble but I can forgive her as it's her Angel nature, 2. She didn't hook up with either Kiadan or Kope (but I guess that couldn't be helped as it won't work unless things change). 3. the author ended it in such a talented way that I can't be mad. To me and my friend who I recommended it to we thought it ended in such an unsuspecting way that we had to process it for 5 minutes.
Overall I thought this book was brilliant and it's obvious that the author put great thought into the story line and ideas.  
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