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The Power Of Six

By 12:15 pm

By Pittacus Lore 

John, Sam and Six are on the run from the Mogadorians. On there journey they use there time to strengthen there Legacies. When a signal is found they realize they have a way of meeting up with the rest of them. They discover that others are in trouble and captured so Six leaves to help a girl while John and Same settle off on there own to find clues about the Mogadorian base. This book changes between perspectives of characters.

Review - Warning - Spoilers 

This book was a great sequel to I Am Number Four. I liked it because we get to see some of the other members of the Garde and there abilities. I also like the individual personalities, the different point of views was a good idea as then you get to see different locations and people. I like how we also find that there was another ship that was sent.