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Claudia Gray

Bianca has been moved to Evernight Academy full of perfect students. They’re smart, good looking, and slightly overpowering. Everything she’s not. She meets this boy and he is not like them either and he tries to keep it that way. He stands up for what he believes is right and Bianca admires that about him. There new bond strengthens and when the truth about her comes might just sever that bond.

Review - No spoilers 

This is yet another Paranormal Romance that I loved. If your a fan of vampires then I believe you'll love this book. I've said this in a lot in my reviews but this book has a major surprise which I'm not going to spoil. Most books lead up to a big reveal but this one was more a slap to the face or a cold splash of water. You might be able to figure it out yourself when your reading it but I didn't see it coming from a mile. I thought it would be the typical cliche books which go along the lines of 'girl meets guy, they don't admit it for a while but they both like each other, they find out they can't be together, but then in the end it's a happy ending.' well I can tell you now, this isn't exactly a cliche book. While reading the book I thought it was a little lovey-dovey so I'll admit there was a little eye-rolling but in the end it did impress me. 
Can I just say that I am torn between giving this a 3 or 4 star but I only say 3 stars because I'm comparing it to other books I've rated. But I still loved the book and I really loved the characters. 


  1. Jo started this and liked it but it was only $5 so I thought it was gonna be crap but it looks really good. Awesome review :)