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Of Poseidon

By 8:18 pm

By Anna Banks

Galen the prince of the Syrena was sent to find a girl who can apparently talk to fish. When Emma bumps into him they both feel a strong connection. But it takes a lot to convince Galen and his sister that she is one of them, the Syrena.
When secrets are spilled, it takes all of what Emma has not to break down. 

Review - No Spoilers 

I just started and finished this book yesterday and I thought it was hilarious. The cover of this book looks magnificent and it's really intriguing. I like the colours and the simplicity of it just adds more to the effect. 

The first thing I like about this book was that the main characters personality is likable. I've said this many times in my previous reviews but that is always a key factor for a good book in my opinion. (If I don't like the main character then I most likely won't read it.) The love-hate relationship between Emma and Galen is hilarious to read and some of the lines in the book leaves you laughing for ages. 

This book changes POV's (point of view) throughout the book. I thought it might bother me but it doesn't because the author is a skilled writer and I thought it was good. It can be a bit risky changing POV's because in my view it reminds me of a really bad fanficion. But, I'll admit some books need a change of POV because there is so much happening that we need to have it. So I say great job with that.

I couldn't put the book down because I just wanted to know what happened next. But I usually say with most books as I am usually so engrossed in the story-line. I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves mermaid stories and I think it's a great book to start with if you haven't tried mermaids, because honestly I was never really a mermaid fan. (Unless you count the fact I liked Disney's The Little Mermaid movie when I was 3)

And a round of applause to the author for keeping the ending a secret. I did not suspect a thing, I'll admit I had my suspicions but really? I guess I got half of it right. Any of you who has read this book will understand what I'm saying but I don't want to spoil anything for those of you who haven't.

And lastly it ended on a cliff hanger! I hate it with a passion when authors do this but I guess it's a brilliant way to keep us  readers interested. Can I just say it tortures us readers! Why do you want to torture us? It should be illegal! I'm sure every reader out there agrees with me. Just please, answer me. WHY??? Is it really that necessary?

Overall I really enjoyed reading this book. It was nice to read my first mermaid book that I actually liked and it was a great break from the usual Vampire and Werewolf scenarios. There should be more Mermaid stories but I guess its just not as popular. I think it was hilarious and if you want some good entertainment then definitely read it. It's also easy to read and I think the author did a great job of a teenagers perspective. If your a quick reader you'll most likely finish this in a day like I did.



  1. Really awesome review, it just describes the greatness of this novel. I'm so glad you took my advice and picked it up because it really is amazing, right. Great review I love seeing them get better and better! Xx

  2. Great review! I REALLY want to read this book! I love mermaids and the whole prospect of them and so I really need to start reading books about them (I'm actually currently reading a mermaid book, so woop, woop)!

    I'm glad this book is funny at times! I love books that have a little humour! And hate-to-love sort-of romances are my favourites!

    I agree with you on the cover - it is so delicate and beautiful!

    - Rachel (following btws ;D)
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