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I Am Number 4

By 12:15 pm

By Pittacus Lore: AKA James Frey  

9 children were shipped to Earth after their planet was destroyed by the Mogadorians. They live in hiding with there Cêpan who's job is to guide, teach and protect them. It is important that they stay under the radar and keep there abilities hidden because they are always watching. Waiting, to kill them. But this is not an easy task for the Mogadorians as they must kill them in order. 3 of them are already dead, Number 4 is next.

Comment - No Spoilers 

I Am Number Four was one of the best science fiction books I've read. It keeps you up reading for hours wondering what's going to happen next. This is a book in which you fall in love with the characters and wish you were one of them. If you like a good suspenseful Science Fiction this is a book for you. This book is just simply out of this world and you will enjoy the main character.  

Review- Warning - Spoilers 

This book was absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately the movie didn't fulfill my expectations but the books are always better than the movie. I love how we get to see how John is faced with normal high school problems but also has to deal with his legacies. I found it really sad when Henry died as I thought he was such a good Cêpan and it's sad to let the character go. It makes you wonder whether if he didn't die, how the story would change. I am Number Four was a brilliant book which I enjoyed reading and I give a round of applause to the author.