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By Veronica Roth 

One Choice Can Transform You
In the Dystopian world where it is divided into five factions. Each faction have certain traits: Abnegation: to be selfless, Candor: to only speak the truth, Erudite: to crave knowledge and Dauntless: to be fearless. Beatrice Prior is faced with the choice to pick one of the factions. She either stays with her own faction or chooses to pick what her heart tells her too. But what other people don't know is that she is Divergent. Divergent meaning she has all five traits and this is bad thing.
All Divergent get killed. 

Review - No Spoiler! 

Divergent is an amazing Dystopian book. I was a little skeptical as I don't really go for that genre but man did it change my mind. The book kept me hooked and I think I would have read it in a day if it weren't for certain things interrupting me. (*cough: school, family, homework*) I fell in love with the characters and I love how the main character Tris is very strong and she's not a girl who always needs saving which is brilliant as we don't need another Bella. I'm trying to do this review without spoiling anything...can I just say it's very hard. 

I never really comment about this but the cover is brilliant. It really does attract your attention and I don't feel like such an idiot reading it in public. I hate it when it's a great book but the cover sucks...believe me, I've gotten odd stares when I'm reading it at the bus stop.   

Ok, the plot was brilliant. Completely original but I must say that the ending was slightly predictable. This didn't lower my rating any less though. The book was a great length but why...why did it have to end on a cliff hanger. I guess it's a great way to keep the readers hooked. I think it was a brilliant suspenseful novel but I think it could have been a little more tense. I like books that just leave your mind reeling but I guess you don't want one that will leave you with nightmares so I think it was the right amount of tension. 

Another thing is that it wasn't confusing. You get use to the faction names and you start realizing that you start bringing it into everyday conversation. I was talking to my friend and I think I said something like "Oh yeah, your Erudite." She had no idea what I was talking about since she hasn't read it yet. She stared at me like I had two heads.

Bringing it back to the book, Divergent is one of the best Dystopian books I've read. I hate it when people compare it to The Hunger Games as they are completely different. Just because they are both Dystopia doesn't mean they should be compared. People have been recommending it to me for ages and I just avoided it. Well lemme tell you, Divergent will change your life. 

Movie Comment - 

I am so excited for when the movie comes out! The cast looks ok, not how I pictured Four though. I just hope they follow the book and don't stuff it up like some movies. I hope they make it as good like The Hunger Games. I think that Divergent will be one of the best action movie and it's great that they decided to take it on. 


  1. Awesome Review, I love watching your reviews grow. I really liked this but my expectations were really high. I'm gonna re-read it. Glad you liked it. Dystopian is a awesome genre.

  2. OH MY GOD YOU LOVED THIS!! Divergent is one of my favorite series ever!! AT first I was attracted by the cover too! I love all of the characters. Tris, Four and especially URIAH! Sorry for my capitalizations and exclamations haha xD You should read Insurgent :) Some people thought it wasn't as good as Divergent but I thought it was awesome!

  3. SO GLAD YOU LOVED THIS!!! And I can't wait for the movie EEEEEK!!!

  4. So glad you liked this! AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE EEK!!!