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The Goddess Test

By 12:09 pm

By Aimee Carter

Summary - 

Kate lives alone with her mum who is slowly dying. Her mums last wish is to move to move back to her childhood home. Knowing  her mum doesn't have long to live, Kate sacrifices herself by leaving her friends and old school to make her mother happy. She spends most of her time looking after her mum and spending as much time with her, making sure all her needs are met.
As she meets a girl called Ava, the start of her troubles. She is faced with a decision. To save her friend or just walk away and leave.
Henry her new mystery man claims he is Hades, God of the Underworld and she is to be his new Queen.
Is he for real?

Review - No Spoilers!  

I absolutely loved this book. I hate to admit it but I do judge a book by it's cover, so this one immediately attracted my attention. It stood out to me from all the other books I could have chosen. One of the reasons I love this book is because it is GREEK MYTHOLOGY. I absolutely love that genre and it was also a romance. It was completely different to what I was use to. After reading Percy Jackson I had this view of the Greek Gods. Aimee Carter set a a completely different view on each of the Gods personalities. The way she wrote Hades personality made you change your view of him and just fall in love with him. Yes he is the typical dark and mysterious man but that's what draws you in. Overall I extremely enjoyed reading this book as it was completely different from the other Greek Mythology books I have read. I give the author a round of applause for keeping me so engrossed in the book. Usually I can put down a book and walk away but this one I was determined to finish. I think you would of had to pry my fingers away from it.

Some people may say it isn't a good book as it doesn't depict the Gods very well. Well let me tell you every person has a different outlook on certain things. The author has the right to write the book however she wants to, it is simply just different from what your use to!

That aside, The Goddess Test was certainly interesting. The ending was a surprise to me and I thought the story-line was brilliant.