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Jennifer L. Armentrout

Starting your life over really does suck.
Katy and her mum move to a small town to leave there old life. Dark memories cloud their path and her mum finally decided to make a move on with life. Katy just about thought her life was over until she saw her hot neighbour.  
Just when she thinks her life could be looking up, he opens her eyes and she realizes what a jerk he is. Daemon is a stubborn, infuriating, arrogant, cruel, uncaring jerk. Not even the hottest looking guy on earth can make up for his terrible attitude.
But what if he is not human?  
Trouble arises and the only way for her to survive her senior year is to stick with him. The person she hates most.
Could life get any weirder? 

Review - No Spoilers 

For the first book in the Lux series I thought it was really good. The love-hate relationship between Katy and Daemon is simply hilarious. One thing I thought was interesting was that the author uses the confusion at the start of the book to make you keep reading. Although some aspects of the book reminded me of the book I Am Number Four so I'll admit I was a little disappointed with that. I don't usually go with these sort of books but it was a great break from the usual Paranormal books I read. But don't get me wrong, I still think it was a brilliant book.

Katy is a fellow blogger like some of us which I found interesting. This made her character easy to relate to and she seemed like an ordinary teenager.

I'm starting to find common in Young adult books is that the main girl always moves to a new town and there is always the bad boy. I would really like to read a book where the guy moves next door or something and maybe the girl is the baddass. Now that would be an interesting read. Please if you've read a book like this, leave a comment and i'd love to read it and make a review.

After you read this book, the character Daemon will draw you in. He is swoon-worthy, drool-worthy, but I must say, it's based on your opinion. There are moments when I could hit him with a book. (ironic really)  



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    I think this review is great :P Eventhough I am a fan of I am number four but I think this book is gonna be great :P
    You really have potential :P You should write longer review because I really enjoyed reading this :P good work ;)