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MASH - The Book Edition

By 9:19 pm

Boy this game takes me back...

Hey guys it's been a while!!! After seeing this tag on Lucy's blog I said to myself I have to join in. I've also seen many booktubers participate in this tag as well. This is basically a fun tag and for you to laugh at whatever results I get.

So the basics are you have to choose two options you love, one that's okay and the other you absolutely hate.

Here we go...

So the layout goes like this:

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For those who can't read my writing (probably everyone) It says

Where will you live?
Best Friend 

For the where will you live option I put:
1. The Wizarding World (obviously from Harry Potter) I would absolutely love to live in the wizarding world because magic would be awesome and just being in Hogwarts!
2. Dauntless Compound from the Divergent series - honestly I'm not sure I'd want to be in the whole Divergent world, everything is just to hectic but I would love to go to the Dauntless Compound for the experience. 
3. Camp Half-Blood from the Percy Jackson series - gah! This place would have to be my favourite! Just the whole Greek Mythology world and the people the cabins...dem feels. 
4. District 12 from the Hunger Games series - I would hate this place

Blogger isn't cooperating with me so I can't rotate the!
So I chose for occupation:
1. Shadowhunter (obviously from The Mortal Instruments) - as dangerous as it would be, I'd find this job awesome! Hunting demons, having awesome weapons. What's not to love?
2. Assassin, at the moment I'm reading Crown of Midnight so this gave me the idea - I don't think I would want to be an assassin because it's an incredibly dangerous job but the skills would be awesome...
3. Professor at Hogwarts - I don't know what I'd teach but this would be an interesting job...
4. Gard from the I am Number Four series - I would hate this job because one it seems like an impossible task and for those who have read the book I'd really hate to be number 1,2,3. You get what I mean ;)

For transport I chose:
1. Broomestick - These would be awesome to ride but I think I would be so afraid of falling off
2.Public Transport - there's nothing wrong with this method but it just annoys me when things are delayed or I miss a many possibilities! 
3. Argo II this is from Percy Jackson and I would love this because it's such an epic ship
4. Walk - I would hate walking everywhere! 

1. I would love to have a pegasus like Blackjack from Percy Jackson
2. Having a pet owl like Hedwig would be so cute, I would love them.
3. I just went for an ordinary option and I chose a cat...boring

My choices of husband:
1. Percy Jackson - I would love to marry him, he's just so cute and heroic and just everything I want in a guy...
2. Tobias Eaton (Four) - I love Four as a character and wouldn't mind marrying him
3. Warner (Shatter Me series) - I think a lot of people misunderstand his character
4. Valentine - need I say anymore?

For the amount of children I chose
1 - reasonable 
2 - pretty good
5 - I couldn't handle it
8 - This is totally unreasonable

Best Friends:
1. Katniss Everdeen - She would be an alright best friend but I think it would be incredibly awkward because she doesn't exactly have the best people skills
2. Tris Prior - I think she would be a great best friend but obviously we would have our differences of opinion
3. Anabeth Chase would be awesome because she's so smart and I think she would be the best to go to for advice
4. For my bad option I had to choose Voldemort....ewwwwwww (excuse my spelling error when I wrote it) 

So these are all the options I wrote time with the magic mash making. 


So the results aren't exactly in my favour but whatever...that's part of the game. My life story is I will live in Camp Half-Blodd, (which I'm pretty happy about) I'll be a professor at Hogwarts (I'm not sure how that really works out) and I'll travel by the Argo II, I'll have a Pegasus as a pet, I'll marry Warner, I'll have 8 children (why...!) and my best friend is Voldermort. 
My life is just wonderful!!!

So I hope you guys had as much fun as I did, I love this game and it just brings back memories. If you haven't done it yet I tag all of you!!! I want to see what your results are.

As always, thank you for reading my blog!
Until next time
- Francoise


  1. Ooooooh, fun! If I were married to Warner, we'd have more than just 8 children! Hahahahaha just sayin =)))))) I want a pegasus as a pet too! Bffs with Voldemort though? No can do. I like my best friends with a nose. Lol!