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Christmas Wish List - The Book Edition

By 2:57 pm

So it's finally that time of the year again and Christmas is approaching fast. Since we only have less than a week I thought it would be appropriate to share with you guys books that I want to receive this festive season.

The Raven Boys

I have heard many great things about this series so I'm confident to say that I'll like it. (Hopefully)

I have read the first novel in this series and I really want to continue it as many people have told me to continue. Also I don't want to risk getting spoiled because I've been spoiled on some minor details. I'm positive I'll like it and it would be the best receiving a box set because then I'll have all of them and I won't have to worry about waiting. I would also prefer having them in hardcover but let's not get ahead of myself.

A Dymocks or Books Kinokuniya gift card would be so good because then the next time I go to the book store I can buy heaps of books. I would prefer a gift voucher to Books Kinokuniya because they're a lot cheaper.

The Morganville Vampire Series

After hearing so much about this series from Sunny I thought I better give it a shot. As much as I love vampires, 15 books is a lot and it would take me forever to read it.

I want to get a John Green Box set as the only book I've read by him is The Fault in Our Stars and I really want to read the others. As a blogger I also feel sort of obligated to read them.

I have started reading The Iron King on my phone and I like it so far and I would prefer it as an actual book.
So anyone of these things I would like to receive as a present. 

What's on your wish list?


  1. I 'm reading City of Bones at the moment, it's so engaging.
    This Christmas I've sent out a few book lists to different people so hopefully I might get some! *crosses fingers*
    I'm really looking forward to Eleanor and Park, Midwinterblood, She is not invisible, 1984, and Wonder.
    You should read Looking for Alaska by John Green. I thought that book was incredible!
    Marian ^_^ x

  2. I actually felt The Iron King fell a little flat when I read it - but I think it's cause I went into it with such high expectations! I also feel obligated to like John Green books but... I just don't think I do! :3

    I hope you get everything you're wishing for this Christmas!

  3. I LOVED the entire Iron King series; it's one of my faves. Actually, Julie Kagawa is one of my fave authors, you should read her other novels as well! Merry (early) Christmas and I hope you get everything on your wishlist ^_^

  4. Dude, Moranville Vampires is awesome! I have around 8 books from the series and I really want to read all the ones I don't have. They're actually really easy to read and you'd have finished reading the first book before you know it. Anyway if I see you in the holidays we'll HAVE to talk about it! Merry Christmas! (Still have to give u ur present :-)

  5. So many novels I have and love! As you know I have the actual Iron Fey boxset pictured and besides loving that series, it was such a bargain buy! You obviously know how much I love The Morganville Vampires and The Mortal Instruments so I'm sure I don't need to go into that. I've seen a hardback set of the John Green books that I really wanted but it had all of the books I had read and not the one I hadn't. Hope you get some of these!