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My Top 9 TV Shows of 2013

By 5:58 pm

The end of the year is approaching and one of the most significant things (other than books) are TV shows. Like many teenagers I watch all mine online because I don't have foxtel so I can't view all my favourite programs. So  here's a list of TV shows that I absolutely love and I seriously recommend them to you if you have not already watched them.

In no particular order:

Doctor Who

I'm sure you've heard heaps about this amazing series by now especially because the 50th anniversary was recently released and there has been a lot of hype surrounding it. Doctor Who has and always be my favourite TV shows and if you have not watched it...shame on you. But I guess it's not for everyone. I would recommend it for you but it's a little hard to get into the fandom because it's more of a thing you grow up with. But I'm not saying don't go for it. (I suggest you start with the first season with Rose Tyler aka the 9th doctor)
There's a spin-off called Torchwood (anagram for Doctor Who) and it's good but I don't like it as much.

Vampire Diaries

I loooooooove this TV shows and has been my current obsession. There are just no words for how amazing the story-line is for this show. There are so many twists and turns and I just don't know how the writers come up with all the ideas. Vampire Diaries takes you through a tide of emotions and it's funny how one episode can make you change your decision about one character. By the way, if your not a person for violence then this isn't really for you...there will be a lot of snapping of necks and ripping of hearts. It's sort of the norm now.

(And btw there are many hot guys in this!!!)

There's also a spin-off called The Originals but you CANNOT watch it until you've reached the end of season 4 of Vampire Diaries. Major spoilers!!!

Pretty Little Liars

Aaaaah what to say about this show....I just have one thing to say, this show scares the crap outta me! This show gives every mystery show a run for there money. I never know who it is and I'm always proven wrong. But that's what makes it amazing, it keeps you guessing!

One word of advice, I honestly would take your time with this one so you don't have to wait for the next season. 
The cliff hanger...
There's also a spin-off called Ravenswood but I have not watched it yet but I've heard great things about it.


This such an awesome show!!! Gah! I'm only up to season 2 and there are 9 seasons! So it's a little daunting. I'm tempted to skip to season 4 but I want to be a loyal fan.

 If you love anything and everything supernatural like vampires, ghosts, etc then this is definitely a show for you. There are a number of funny episodes and really scary episodes so you're warned. The story-line is great but it changes depending which season. 

Teen Wolf

This show takes a while to get used too. The acting in the first episode isn't the greatest but the first episode of anything is always bad. When they turn into wolves the make up is so badly done it's kind of funny but I just somehow got hooked to this show and couldn't stop watching it. I recommend it but you won't necessarily like it.


This show has is one of the best detective shows ever! Don't get me wrong I loved the movie with Robert Downey Jr but Benedict Cumberbatch acts the role perfectly. It's only two seasons with I think about 3 episodes in it so there's not much to catch up on but the episodes go on for about an hour and a half so if you're bored in the show. 

Breaking Bad

This is a show I've recently started watching and it is great! It's not a show for everyone and it's definitely not for younger people but that didn't exactly stop me. To be honest I think it's a great lesson to learn because you see what drugs do to people and even though these dealers earn heaps of money there are always consequences. So this is basically about a man who recently got cancer and his wife is pregnant and they don't have the money. He's a chemistry teacher so he know's what the chemical components are to making methamphetamines so he enters the drug dealing business and sets up a partnership with one of his ex-students to get money to pay for his cancer treatments. 
I absolutely love this show and I recommend it but I advice you ask your parents first.

Game of Thrones

This definitely not for's rated R18+ but the story-line is brilliant. I wont go into detail but for those of you who have read it or watched understand me...But the gist of it are there are clans that are after this one throne which results in a lot of bloodshed. 

The Walking Dead

There's a confession I have to make, I can't actually watch this show alone. I love horror movies and I usually can handle anything but from the first episode of this show I realised I have a fear of zombies. I'm sorry but when you're dead you're meant to stay dead. The amount of nightmares I've had of this show is ridiculous. 

If you can't handle gore and a lot of jump-scares then this show is not for you. But of course if you want to scare the hell outta you then go ahead. Your funeral. 

So this is a list of shows that I've been watching this year. The next show I want to try is Revenge as I've heard so many good things about it. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

See you next time!
- Francoise


  1. You've got some of my favourite shows here - Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, Game of Thrones and Supernatural! OMG! you need to catch up on Supernatural, it's soo good! My favourite show of all time. Great post Francoise!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  2. Some of my favourites listed here! Doctor Who (definitely something I grew up with), Supernatural (just reached the end of season 4!), Breaking Bad (THAT ENDING WOAH!) and Sherlock is my fav… it's just brilliant – CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 3 ON 1ST OF JAN HERE IN THE UK!!! :D

  3. Such a great list! I watch all of these, except Sherlock and The Walking Dead. The Day of the Doctor was just soo good:)

  4. I LOVE THE WALKING DEAD, IT'S SO AWESOME. I just adore the character development and scaring cliff-hangers! I watch it with my brother, so I'm not alone!
    I agree with you on Teen Wolf, it can have bad special effects and acting, but it's fun to watch and Stiles and Derek are so funny. I really want to watch breaking bad, my brother loves it, and I'm currently on the fourth episode of Game of Thrones, which I'm enjoying. I hear a lot about Supernatural, but there's so many series! Can't wait to watch the new season of Sherlock, my friend is going to the premiere and I'm so jealous. I can't deal with TVD, it's sooooooo boring, but the guys are so hot!!

  5. I love love Pretty Little Liars.
    I have some of the books but I haven't started yet because I want the complete series before I start

  6. We watch so many of the same shows, I love it! Cos it means we can fangirl on Damon. I still love Vamps and Walking Dead as always is CRAY! Did you see the mid-season finale, holy bananas. I haven't watched most of this season of PLL. I lost interest but I must get back into it because it's one of my favourite shows.