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Stacking The Shelves 5/12/13

By 6:08 pm

Hey guys it's been a while since I've done a Stacking the Shelves post which is hosted by Tynga's Reviews. Because my last week of school is next week I borrowed a couple of books for the Christmas Holidays. Since I moved school I noticed that there library has many books my old one didn't have so I'm very pleased about that as it will help me to keep reading. Also they have this cool thing where they have a book at the front desk and you can write down the title of the book you want them to order in. 

Anyways I borrowed:

Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick - I have heard many great things about this series and I was able to buy the last one for only $1.50 at K-mart. (BARGAIN!) So many people have asked me to read this and I actually have no idea what it's about...
Goddess by Josephine Angelini - This is the final instalment to the Starcrossed series. I love this series because of the Greek Mythology but sometimes I find it a little boring and it can be a little info-dumpish at times.

Matched by Ally Condie - This is also a well known series that I haven't read. I have read many mixed reviews for it so I'm not so sure what to think of it. I don't really have any expectations. 
Wings by Aprilynne Pike - This was recommended to me by a friend. I'm not really sure what to expect because I haven't read many reviews for it so I'm excited to see what I think of it.

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater - I am actually excited to read this one because I like the whole werewolf genre so I'm interested to see how the story-line goes and whether it'll be stereotypical. 
Dash & Lily's Book of Dares by  Rachel Cohn and David Levithan - I want to read this because it is a standalone book and I'm really into those at the moment. (Probably because there is no long commitment) Also I haven't read a book by David Levithan yet and I want to see what his writing is like.

So these are the books I borrowed for the holidays. Have you read any of these? If so tell me what you thought of them. What's on your shelf this week?


  1. Great books!
    I absolutely loved Dash and Lily's Book of Dares - it is so good, really fun and interesting to read. Reminded me a little bit of John Green's writing if you've read anything by him (he's an amazing writer too).
    I've read the Matched series, which I was a bit on the fence about what I thought of them. Matched is good but not as good as I was expecting. However, for me, the series got better as it continued.

  2. Lots of great books you borrowed here, I quite enjoyed Matched and Shiver. Unfortunately Hush, Hush wasn't my thing. Enjoy your books Francoise!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  3. OMG SHIVER, THAT FREAKING BOOK! So many people hated Shiver but it's one of my absolute favourite series. I need a re-read, agh it's just so good. I quite enjoyed Matched but I haven't yet been bothered to read on with the series. I read want to read Dash & Lily's Book of Dares and Hush Hush. Enjoy!

  4. I loved Dash & Lily, the adventure and setting were brilliant. Can't wait to see your thoughts on it.

  5. Oooh, Matched, Goddess and Wings look good! I hear a lot about the Matched trilogy. I've read Hush Hush and didn't like the MC, so I hope you enjoy it more than I did! Shiver is good, but then I like werewolf stories :)
    Enjoy and happy reading over the Christmas holidays! My school doesn't break up until the 21st :( sad times.