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Merry Christmas!!!

By 9:31 pm


I hope you all are well and happy and that you got what you wanted and had a great day. I also hope all your families are safe and well and that you just generally had a good day!  I for one was very excited (you would know if you follow me on Twitter) this Christmas and got loads of stuff. (Sadly no books but I'm not complaining) I may not post anything till after New Year's as I have a packed schedule.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS FRANCOISE!! I also hope you and your family are all happy and healthy. I hope you have an amazing christmas and new year. ♡

  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS TOO! <3 Okay, it's not Christmas anymore for us haha but who cares? It's never too late right hehe xD I didn't get books too but maybe on new year day I'll get loads of stuff LOL