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The Body Finder

By 4:27 pm

By Kimberly Derting 

Violet Ambrose is struggling to hide her abilities to sense the dead. She's had these abilities since she was a small child and most that have grown up with her are use to it. As the years have gone by her best friend Jay has always stuck by her side and been there when she really needs him. But as they go into older years, Violet tries to figure out her new feelings towards Jay. 

Reports of murders gain Violets attention. A serial killer has arrived in town and she can't help but get involved. 

Review - No Spoilers

This book was really good.If you like a bit of crime fiction this is a good book for you.This has the right amount of romance and the right amount of suspense and mystery. I read this ages ago so this review won't be that thorough. But one important thing is that this book is either you don't like it or you like it. It's a difficult novel to write a review on as it has to really suite the interests to the reader.

The great thing as it's quite unique as there are some books where the main character is physic but this one is extremely different. I was impressed as her abilities are a lot different to the usual physics we would normally read. That's why I think the author did a great job with setting this novel apart from the rest.

Even if you don't really like murder stories I think this book could change your mind. It's good to get a break from the reoccurring plot-lines that seem to keep popping up everywhere. This is a really good book that keeps you on the edge of your seat as the suspense is just mind blowing. I recommend it even if you don't read many murder/crime genres.



  1. I don't really like the cover of this book so I never really checked what it is about.
    The whole main character is psychic thing sounds very interesting. I don't think I've ever read anything like that before!!

    Great review and I'm following you now via both Bloglovin and GFC. I love your blog, it's so pretty!! ♥