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How Has Blogging Changed Me?

By 12:29 pm

Discussion inspired by my best friend Sunny! 

I was talking to my best friend Sunny who owns A Sunny Spot Blog (you should go check it out!) and we were having a discussion on how blogging changes how we read. We realized that it does effect how we view books greatly and that it has opened our eyes to a new world. If she hadn't gotten me into blogging and you asked me what I liked about the book, I would find extremely difficult to answer. My answer would usually be it's great or it was awesome. But when I started blogging I realised that I can explain it in more detail as when you blog you are analysing every factor in the novel. When we blog we are always constantly comparing to other books and asking ourselves why we enjoyed this book. We are always reading from a writers point of view.

I find that now that I started blogging I have a wider knowledge of books. I know what are the most favourite authors in the Young Adult genre. I have a wider range of genres that I enjoy. When I was younger I would pick up any book that would appeal to my interests. I would have never known what a Dystopian book is and I would have never picked it up. Also now that I started blogging I am always up to date with the latest crazes.

I think that blogging is a learning process that you can use in every day things. You learn to analyse more things and we know a good book when we see it. If you compare an avid reader who blogs to a non-reader and you tell them to read the same book and ask them why they liked it, you would obviously get a completely different answer. They may like it for the same reasons, but the blogger can explain it in more detail. I find that when I'm in class during English, I've definitely improved the way I answer the teachers questions.

In conclusion, blogging has definitely changed how I read and helped me in many ways that I am grateful for.


  1. Yay I'm glad you joined in on this discussion. We really do have the best bookish rants. It's crazy how much of a good impact blogging has had on me and something I'm really happy I decided to do - and i'm even gladder I can share it with you. Once again you wow me with your sophistication.

  2. I totally agree with you! Since I started blogging, I know which books are hyped. I wouldn't have known about The 5th Wave if I hadn't read so many awesome reviews from many bloggers out there. My TBR pile is growing everyday!

  3. I agree with everything you said. And the thing is, us book reviewers tend to have the best literary discussions. Like you said, it helps us analyze the book better and look at the deeper meaning behind it. Same here, I feellike english class has become a lot easier because of book reviewing. Love your post!

  4. I also have a wider knowledge of the market and the latest releases, upcoming releases etc. My writing has also improved since blogging because I find that I'm exercising those skills more. :)

  5. Hi Francoise!

    I totally agree with what you said about how blogging changes how we look at what we're reading. We start to analyze things, compare them and question them where someone else might just read it for what it is. It's similar to when I attempted to write a book and then every time I read something I tried to bring back that technique into my writing. But then again sometimes I think it opened my eyes too much because I focus on the technical parts and forget to enjoy the story. Is that just me? Haha