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Stacking The Shelves 22/06/2013

By 10:18 am

So this is yet another Stacking The Shelves post hosted by Tynga's Reviews. I am sorry as there hasn't been very much activity on this blog, but it has been a busy last few weeks of school. But finally I am on a three week holiday so I have heaps of reading time. Now obviously I went to the library before the end of term and I was able to borrow 8 books! The librarian let me go two over the limit which is the best!!! I am not going to write heaps on each book as I have 8 books to get through.
So here is the first half of my pile of books:

1. Blood Red Road
I am really excited to read this book as I have gotten so many recommendations for this book. I have heard great things about it and the summary sounds really interesting.
2. Legacy
I have started reading this book and I really like the writing style. This is the typical princess sort of book ande I am excited to read it as I think it's good to read these sort of books every once in a while. I am expecting it to be a really cute and fluffy book but I never know, it could end surprising me in the end.
3. Life After Theft
I don't really know much about this book but I have seen it a lot in the blogosphere so I hope it's good.
4. Slated
My friend sunny who owns A Sunny Spot Blog said this was a really good book. Judging by her summary I have great expectations for it. It also sounds very interesting and I have never read a book like that but every book is unique.

The second half of the pile:
Obviously I am really excited to read this. I just can't wait to find out what happens. I'm so glad I finally got it in on reservation which took forever! Again this is a pretty cute and fluffy book on princesses which seems to be my thing at the moment. 
When I read the summary on this book on Goodreads I have been waiting to read it. It's a dystopian that sounds really good and I again have high expectations for this book. If you have read this book feel free to drop a comment saying whether it was good or not but please no spoilers. 
How can I not be excited to read this book? Divergent left me in quite a state and I must read this. I have heard Insurgent isn't as good as Divergent but I'm still going to read it as Alleigent is coming out soon! 
I don't know much about this book, the thing that caught my attention was the cover. The summary sounds interesting enough but I don't have high expectations as I haven't heard much about it. But I like to pick up an unpopular books as I think every book has potential.

Overall I am very excited to read all these books so expect upcoming reviews! These weren't in a specific order so don't expect the reviews to be in order. It's whatever interests me most I guess. Anyway, if you have read any of these books please drop a comment about it.


  1. Awesome Haul, I am so jealous. Many of those books I am dying to read. The Elite and Insurgent I really want to read. As we've discussed many times, Divergent didn't live up to expectations but I still want to read book two. So I'm intrested to hear your thoughts. Life After Theft looks great, as does Blood Red Road. Slated was great, I must read Fractured! Happy Reading :)

  2. Awesome haul! I love your cover of Insurgent since it looks better than mine. HAHA! Which version is that?

    1. I'm not sure what version it is but I know we got it in Australia. I thought I got the bad version

  3. Wow. Nice haul this week. Happy reading! :) Here is my Stacking the Shelves post this week. Stacking the shelves

  4. You got lots of good books this week, especially Insurgent. I need to start Blood Red Road as well, I've heard some great things about it. Have fun with your amazing haul!
    My STS!