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House of Hades Cover Release!!!

By 9:00 am

Oh My Gosh I am SO excited and I know every other Percy Jackson fan is too. They just released the next book's cover for House of Hades and I just don't know what to say...I was trying to keep down my Percy Jackson withdrawal but this was just a nice slap to face basically saying:
"How can you try and forget Percy Jackson?"
Well my answer to that is, "Mark of Athena killed me inside and I needed healing and forgetting was the only way. Only way..."
The Expected Publication date is October 8th
Anyways back to the book cover. IT IS EPIC. Here you go!!! *drum roll*

There is no other word to explain it but Epic. We have some nice Percabeth, my favourite couple on the front and you can see the doors to tartarus! I can tell by the book cover that the book is going to be awesome. But that's Rick Riordan for you.
All the fans have multiple theories of whats going to happen. I'm hoping we get to see what's happening with Camp Half-blood and the Romans as they are in the middle of war. I am definitely hoping we have some scenes with Percy and Anabeth and judging by the cover, I am guessing there will be. I want some more POV's from Anabeth as I found that really interesting. I honestly would like much less Piper and maybe Nico, that could be very interesting. 


  1. And Percabeth on the cover!! It's epic, dark, and so teasing I NEED THIS now! :( oh well, at least we can fangirl over the cover while waiting...

  2. awsome cover. have people seen the uk one? i love how percabeth is finally on a cover!