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The Winter Olympic Book Tag

By 6:39 pm

Even though this tag is a little out of date I'm just going to roll with it! The awesome Jack over at The Book Stop (you need to check out his blog!) tagged me and I accept the challenge! This tag was created by Sophie from A Day Dreamer's World who owns one of my favourite blogs so you should check hers out too.

1. Opening Ceremony – The best stand-alone.

I actually haven't read many stand-alones but one of the best I've read is Acid by Emma Pass.

2. Just about to compete – The book you are most anticipating.

There's no book that I am highly anticipating at the moment because I just feel like all these series and trilogies are ending. But I'm extremely excited for Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas which is the next book in the Throne of Glass Series.

3. Sochi 2014 – The book that left you feeling cold and heart-broken.

Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead, this book is the 3rd novel in the Vampire Academy series and I swear at the end of this one my heart broke in two.

3. Team GB/USA/IRELAND – The book with a cultural-aspect.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. One of the reasons I loved this book was the setting in France. I just loved it and at the end I was just about ready to pack my things up and move countries.

4. Figure-Skating – The book with beautiful-writing.

When someone says beautiful writing I immediately think the Shatter Me series. Tahereh Mafi's writing is very poetic and vivid and created perfect imagery in your mind while your reading.

5. Speed Skating – The book that kept you gripped/made your heart race.

Divergent by Veronica Roth had my heart pumping and the pages turning. The first book in this series is definitely the most action-packed and so much is crammed into one book but is still well paced.

6. Pairs(Short Programme) – The book with your favourite friendship/romance.

HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO ANSWER THAT! Gah this virtually impossible since I ship so mainy pairings.

7. Alpine Skiing – The book with the most twists and turns in it’s plot.

I haven't really come across a book with heaps of plot-twists.

8. Cross-country – The book that took you on a journey.

The Percy Jackson series and The Heroes of Olympus. These novels take me on the greatest journey's ever!

9. Snowboard – The book with the most ups and downs.

The Selection Series. The Elite put me through the most emotional turmoil ever. Sometimes I just adore this series and other times I just want to bang my head on a wall. I've never been so indecisive over whether I liked a book not.

10. Biathalon – The book that hit all the targets.

I don't think there's a book that I thought hit every target.

11. Luge(Team Relay) – The best book-series.

Harry Potter will forever hold a special place in my heart since it was this series that fueled my passion for reading.

12. Last Place – The book that left you disappointed.

Allegiant by Veronica Roth....enough said

13. Gold Medal Winner – The best book you have read.

Can't answer that!

14. Podium – Top three characters

Rose from the Vampire Academy series, Celaena from the Throne of Glass series and Anna from Anna and the French Kiss.

15. Closing Ceremony – The best finale.

Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi. This book was everything I wanted for a conclusion to one of my favourite trilogies. 

I just want to say thanks Jack for tagging me and I want to tag Tilly from Hardcore Heroines and Kezia from Chapteriosity.


  1. Lol! Love this tag! TOTALLY agree with 3, 6, 11, 13!
    Great post!

    Carissa @ The Bookworm Insider

  2. Great answers! I think mine will be pretty similar. I have way too many OTP's...

  3. Love the questions but I love your answers even more! I'm definitely doing this tag. :)

  4. YES Shatter me has is amazingly written! I agree with pretty much all these Francoise! VA is definitely the most heart-breaking. I LOVE anna and the french kiss so much I wanted to go to that school abd be their friends!
    I don't read many standalones either, but I've been reading more lately. The throne of glass series is one of my favourites atm, so I can't wait to read it either!!
    Such a cool tag, thanks for tagging me! I should put the post up soon ;)) hope you're having a great weekend...or is it monday for you? Lol.

  5. Lovely post Francoise! I totally agree with Harry Potter as the favourite series, Divergent making your heart race, and Heir of Fire. I CANNOT WAIT.