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2 Diva's Bookish Discussion - Bookish Disasters

By 7:30 pm

Two Diva's Bookish Discussions is back in full effect and we've been brainstorming many ideas. We promised to have a new header but because of technology failures we haven't got a perfect one yet. 

So judging by this title this is basically a post where you can laugh out our expenses. I can't say I have as many funny stories as Sunny but sit back and relax and grab some popcorn while you're at it.

Before we get into this I'd like to just say that I don't usually buy books. My new bookshelf is looking in credibly bare but that'll soon change! So when I buy books it's a big thing because it's a rare treat. Anyways, I don't usually take my books to school because there are so many things that can go wrong. 

Currently in Australia we're having some very weird weather and mother nature can't seem to make up her mind! In the morning it'll be nice and sunny and by the afternoon it'll be thunder storming and torrential down poor of rain. 

So a while back I decided to take my review copy of Storm and Stone to school and I did this everyday for the week and I always carried it in a plastic bag. Nothing bad happened so obviously I got careless but my luck changed on Friday. My friend needed a plastic bag because her lunch box leaked and me being a nice friend I generously give it to her. It was nice and sunny but of course just when I have to walk to the train station it's started pouring with rain out of no where! My book got saturated but thankfully it was only the cover!
You can't see very clearly but the corners are bent and the cover got drenched. There are cracks in the cover and it's just a mess... I had to blow dry it but thankfully the water didn't seep into the pages. 

So as you can see taking your books can be a very dangerous thing so here are 3 tips to help stopping this from happening. 

  1. Double wrap it in a plastic bag - make sure do this because you don't know what the hell kinda weather it will be. DON'T TRUST THE WEATHER MAN!
  2. Always put it at the top of your school bag - don't let your poor books get crushed with all the junk students have to take to school. Also if you have ANYTHING in your lunch box that can be hazardous to your book just don't even think about putting anywhere near it. Don't do it...
  3. Keep a couple packages you get in the mail with your review books - These can be a big help but be VERY careful how you put them in because you can bend the corners back. (Don't you hate it when this happens???)
So that's my little story and a few tips on how to keep your books safe. Trust me you need to go to Sunny's blog because I can assure you she'll have the best stories that you'll be laughing at. (I laughed for ages)

What is your best bookish disaster story?


  1. I already posted my best bookish disaster over at Sunny's post but I can think up of another one...

    I absolutely adore Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper and I took it with me everywhere; to school, to Church, to the mall...EVERYWHERE! I bought it to school with me one day and I don't know what happened but as I was getting some textbooks out of my locker, I heard a loud RRRRRRIIIIIPPPP and right before my very eyes, the cover of my book was torn. As in torn from the book. I asked my friend to tape it for me because I was too traumatized about it.

    Love your tips! Definitely going to do the last one about keeping the packages in the mail.

  2. Hahaa! That's always the way! I gave Fangirl to my friend and wrapped it in a bag. No way was I giving it to her naked! I love that book too much for that. Plus *whispers* I don't trust my friends to keep it in condition.
    I don't take my books to school, because seriously, have you seen the inside of my bag? Anything could be living inbetween those random bits of paper and break wrappers.

  3. I always carry a book in my handbag and sometimes my water bottle leaks :( So I have had a few saturated covers. Luckily they always dry up though, sometimes crinkled. The plastic bag idea is a good one!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  4. Oh no! I've had a book returned to me in really bad condition, so sad!