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Monthly Wrap Up - March

By 5:10 pm

This month has gone so fast and sadly I've only been able to read one book! If you missed out on my review for Lola and the Boy Next Door check out my review here. I don't really have a good excuse but school is basically kicking my ass with a load of assessments.

I know you must be rolling your eyes thinking, 'Oh Lord here she goes again!' But in my defense I had about 7 assignments due in the space of 3 weeks! (I can't imagine what Year 11 and 12 will be like with the HSC) And also I haven't really had the motivation to read at the moment because I've been really into TV shows at the moment. There is a wonderful collection of books I could be reading sitting on my bookshelf but I just have no will power to read but I'm slowly getting out of my slump.

Other than that, Two Diva's Bookish Discussions started back up and you can find our first discussion post of the year here. We tried to do a little intro vlog but sadly it didn't work! I will try and edit it and try again this week so stay posted!


  1. Never complain about too many books, Francoise! :P Great post.

    Ivana @ BookishTeens

  2. I really want to read LaTBND - it looks incredible! I'm also in a little bit of a reading slump - and my usual reading time has been spent watching and rewatching Friends. ;D

  3. Oooh a vlog would be so awesome! good luck with all of your assignments, it sounds really crazy! Make sure you relax and enjoy, your bloggy followers will always be here :)

  4. No one would criticise you for not reading when you're in high school, hun! I'm sure you'd love to be reading more, so I hope the assignments ease up!

  5. School is so crazy at the moment! We should protest that all the assignments are getting in the way of our book boyfriends. Haha