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The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones {movie review}

By 7:54 pm

Ok if you have not watched this movie and you are a City of Bones fan. YOU MUST GO AND WATCH IT!!! I think the movie was a pretty good book to move adaptation. It wasn't perfect but it worked well as a movie. I'm going to try and write this review without any spoilers for those of you haven't' watched it yet. It was very fast paced compared to the book and I just felt like the sequence between each scene was quick. I think the dialogue for me was quite weird as it felt like they didn't explain the 'Shadow World' enough. I'm glad I'd read the book first otherwise I would have been a little confused.

The action scenes were the best. Clary wasn't as annoying like she was in the books, and Isabelle was just plain badass and boy did she brandish that whip!  I was a bit hesitant about Jace when I first saw the trailer and I was sure I would hate him but he pulled it off well. He didn't have the whole cockiness but he did have those good one liners. To be honest I felt like we didn't see much of Alec. I swear there was only like 3 scenes where he actually talked. I just think there was a lot of issues but it was just so amazingly done you don't focus too much on it. The triangle to me was bland and I just thought the chemistry between Clary and Jace was bland as well. Valentine wasn't what I pictured to look like and Magnus Bane's character didn't have the sassiness like he does in the book.

One scene I really liked was with the silent brothers. That was really well done! And I think my favourite action scene was in the Vampire Lair and Jace has that little line saying "Have a little faith." I just thought it was awesome and you see a lot of badass shadowhunter fighting.Also I felt like a lot of things was how I imagined it! I love it when your vision is sort of the same as the movie. The institute was exactly how I imagined it to look like.

Overall I just loved it and the minor issues didn't really matter to me overall. If you don't focus on the comparison between the book and the movie too much then you'll really enjoy it. I really want to see it again because it was that amazing!
If it's out of ten stars I would give it 7/10.


  1. Great Review! I agree, this adaption in all honesty wasn't perfect but they did the best they could and pulled off a amazing movie. I found the casting to be amazing and the scenes were rushed but fit in well for the time the had. I think it's the best book adaptions I've seen which is really important seeing as this was aimed at readers and fans of the series. There were some issues and a lack of explanation and changes I didn't see coming, but I couldn't love this movie more.

  2. I went to see this movie last night and, well, I fell in love with it! IT'S AMAZING!!! I'm so glad it stayed (mostly) true to the book. The beginning of the movie was literally the opening of the actual book - loved that!

    I actually just loved the movie so much! My friend (who went to see it with me) and myself are planning on going to see it again on Wednesday, haha! We just adored it.

    It was a little funny too at parts. Maybe Jace's one-liners weren't as entertaining but I still loved him.

    Great review! I might be doing my own review of this... Maybe, hehe. :P

  3. Ah, I've heard a lot of mixed reviews regarding this film however I still really want to watch it for curiosity's sake despite not reading CoB for years haha. Now if only I can find someone to watch it with since my friends aren't fans of YA books like me :(

  4. I lvoed the movie! I thought JCB did Jace justice and the sets were awesome. I was a bit miffed that they changed the delivery in the big plot twist that took away the the shock factor. I really want to see it again though!

  5. Thanks for the review Francoise! I see lots of bad reviews of the movie from the critics, but I think this movie was more fan service for those who read the books. Anyway, I'm going to see the movie, hope it makes sense cos I read the book at least a year ago.

  6. The movie hasn't premiered in my country yet! But I'm planning to see it on Wednesday with my friend! Thank God there's election holiday so I can go! Didn't really like the book - I thought it was decent and I didn't really like Jace or Clary but I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing Alec, Magnus and Isabelle! :D

  7. Nice review! The thing to remember about this is it's the first in a series, and a lot of the character arcs and other developmental things we see are in later books/movies (which they didn't know they were getting) so they had to wrap up things early. You are right though, the flew through this and didn't explain everything. If they did there would have been less time for action :P

    The action scenes were awesome! Izzy kicked butt and the demons looked amazing. Jace and Simon had some great lines, and the silent brothers were so creepy!

    Well, now I've finished my word vomit I shall disappear. Here's hoping for more Alec in the next one XD