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Now I know most of you looked at the title and thought...what the hell? This is a book blog...well you're right, this is a post started by Erin from Eternal Books and this post is sort of like a tag where any blogger can join in. But don't worry, this actually has something to do with books!

I don't know about you guys but I can definitely read and listen to music at the same time. I've heard that sometimes people can't because it gets a bit too distracting which can happen to me sometimes when I'm thinking about too many things at once. Depending on the book...I try to match the mood of the book to the sort of music I listen to. But for some reason my laptop has like a mind of it's own and it just changes songs at the most perfect times. It's really strange but awesome.

For Example:

  • I just finished a book and the music turned to Shots by LMFO which is the perfect party song. 
  • I also like listening to metal (aka: Linkin Park) for any sort of action moments
  • Obviously if it's a really sad scene, I listen to sad music. 
Sometimes I create playlists which I usually listen to while reading a book. I try to listen to songs I've heard lots of times because then it's easier to tune out. I don't know why but if it's a new song I've only heard a couple of times, I spend too much time dancing and singing to the song. Another reason why I listen to old music is because I just don't like the music now days...too repetitive and I just feel like the talent has run out. (Not trying to offend any artists) 

If you were to ask me who my favourite artist or genre was. I couldn't answer you as there are sooo many songs that I love. I love most genre's ranging from R&B, metal, K-pop, pop, hip-hop and rap. (I know, a crazy mix)  


  1. I LOVE THIS! You captured the way writing and music can come together, it's great. Your post is top notch :D
    I am going on a 7 hour road trip in the morning, and I've got a $10 gift card for iTunes. I'm going to try getting songs to match my book, the best I can! Thanks for this post, your awesome!:)

  2. Thanks for joining! It's an honoured!

  3. Great post Francoise. I totally agree that Music and Books can oddly relate because I often find myself listening to a song and instantly thinking of how much it captures a specific scene or book I've read. It's a strange connection but it works. I have tried many times to listen to music whilst reading but like you, I dance too much and hardly get any reading done and I find it too distracting. I'm not a huge K-Pop fan, but like you love Hip Hop and Rap. It's great your taking part in Erin's tag and since I love music, it seems like a load of fun. Love the GIF!

    - Sunny @ A Sunny Spot Blog