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The Book Shop Scandal

By 6:41 pm

This isn't the actual book store
Today I went to a bookshop near the beach and I am outraged by what they were doing there. They were selling second hand books for the price of a new book. In fact they were $3 more expensive. It doesn't sound like much but it's still crazy! Now I don't have a problem with second hand books but they're meant to be cheaper than the original price. I feel sorry for anyone who isn't a major book addict like me because they wouldn't know that they're being ripped off. Sometimes people can be so cruel. It's just the fact that they like to scam people so easily that makes me so mad.


  1. Shame on them! Thats horrible, glad you weren't sucked in.

  2. WHAT?! That's terrible! People need to steer clear of that shop! Ugh, that's so unfair! :(

  3. Urgh, that's a really dodgy thing to do and they have no excuse to charge such high prices :(

    Eeek, I hope the customers aren't tricked into buying anything lol

  4. That's ridiculous! Great detective work Francoise! ;D

    Ruby @

  5. Say whut? It should be $3 less lol! Maybe the store is REALLY broke, but still, they're ripping off people.

    Little Book Star