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Book Covers!

By 7:53 pm

Hey guys, this is sort of another discussion post. Before I really get into this I would like to ask. As the readers do you enjoy reading discussion posts or do you prefer the actual reviews? Anyways, this post is inspired by one of my favourite book vloggers Cassidy Tucker. This is a topic I have seen a lot on blogs and it is a topic that I always talk about with friends. So this post is basically to show what appeals or annoys me in book covers:

Factors that create a good design
I really like it when a series has a matching colour scheme. This makes it easier to spot the book when you’re looking for it in a book shop or library.
Sometimes I think when a book cover is very simple it looks better. When a cover has so many things jumbled into it, it just looks messy and unorganised. I like it when a cover has cool graphics but when it just becomes too much…I’m not going to give it any attention whatsoever.  
Cool and pretty fonts always catch my attention. BUT the font has to go with the cover.
I was horrified when I saw a cover that had the same image to the one on The Goddess Test. I know that authors don’t actually get much say with what happens with their covers but honestly if I was the author I would make sure everything is perfect and to my liking. I also like it when a cover has individuality to it and it’s not something you’ve really seen before. I also like it when it holds a certain mystery to it because it immediately makes me curious.  
Factors that make a bad cover
Covers that have nothing to do with the plot
I think this is self-explanatory. Why on earth would you put something on the cover which has nothing to do with the plot-line. It doesn’t do the book justice and it’s misleading for the readers.
I hate it when I see close-ups of girl’s faces, couples kissing or a guy with no shirt. It’s just awkward…especially when you’re reading in public. Also, girls in elegant dresses are just becoming way too common. And it’s incredibly weird if the main girl doesn’t wear a dress in the book.  
Australian Book Covers
Ok if you’re from America you have no problem but for some messed up reason, Australia gets different covers. This is highly annoying as they’re usually worse than the ones in the US. I don’t understand…why can’t every country get the same cover! Why use extra effort to create another one.

So these are my thoughts on covers. Do you agree or disagree? Did a miss anything? If so please drop a comment!


  1. I agree, why can't all books have the same covers though sold in different countries. I also don't like how some covers are not related to the freaking story. I really liked Twilight but what the heck does the apple have to do with anything? Lol.

    For the uniqueness, the reason why some books have the same cover (or very very very similar) is because it's cheaper if an author gets a cover that's already been made. It's expensive if it's a brand, spanking, new cover.

    Leigh, LBS★

    1. I can kinda see what you mean about Twilight but remember how in the movie, Edward comes up behind her in the cafeteria and she knocks the apple and he catches it. Well he catches it in the same position as on the cover

  2. Amen sista! As we have discussed many times, I'm a sucker for a good cover. And it is absolutely preposterous that different countries are allowed different covers and usually we get stuck with the crap ones. Like whats with that!! Font, Model, Colour are all very important aspects of design and none relevant covers suck. Great post :D

    - Sunny @ A Sunny Spot Blog