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{Review} Divergent Movie

By 11:41 pm

Words cannot express how much I actually loved this movie! When the casting became public I was so worried that they would not do the book justice. Shailene Woodley was the best Tris and I can't imagine anyone else that would do a better job.

Jeez movies are becoming better and clearer! The first thing I noticed about the movie was the awesome cinematography. It wasn't what I imagined when I read the book but I have to say it was better. It was more modern and more...dystopia! They did a perfect job of how Chicago is meant to look. All the buildings were run down, exactly how a city after war looks like.

The Factions - 

The factions! The choosing ceremony was exactly how I imagined it and how the Dauntless jump off the train. Although I found the clothing very weird. It seemed a little fake and out of place for me at times just simply because of the vibrant colours but it worked well for the whole dystopian theme. The dauntless compound wasn't how I imagined it at all but it still fit into the movie really well.

The Fear Simulations -

I wish they spent a little more time on the aptitude test but I'm not entirely disappointed with that. It sort of breezed through it and I was like...ummm what just happened? The fear landscapes were amazing!!! It showed Tris's and Four's fears really well but again it wasn't what I imagined but it still was amazing! I would have liked them to focus more on Four's fears because I find that this scene is important to learn more of Four's character but I found it was still mainly focused on Tris.

Favourite Scenes - 

 My two favourite scenes in the movie were the Capture the Flag scene and the Zip-lining. They changed the capture the flag scene slightly but I don't want to spoil it for you. For those of you have watched it, don't you think it worked better with the different type of guns? The zip-lining was awesome because it showed the landscape much better. It showed how the effects of the war really took its toll on the city and how people today have to live with it.

Casting -

The characters...I felt like Christina, Will and Al weren't shown that much. As I said before, the movie was focused mainly on Tris and I would have liked to see more of her relationship with the other characters. Especially for later scenes because what should have had a great impact emotionally didn't really have one like it did in the book. Peter was not nearly as bad as he was in the novels. In the books I just had such hatred for him - almost on an Eric level - but in this one he was more snarky and almost funny. He needed to be more manipulative than just criticizing Tris. It was really weird to see Jai Courtney as Eric because I loved him in A Good Day to Die Hard and he was the good guy but he played Eric perfectly. Again I didn't really feel hatred for him like in the books, he was more intimidating.

Shailene Woodley portrayed Tris so well and I can't have picked anyone better. She went from poor defenseless Tris into a powerful girl who is more sure of herself. When Theo James was casted as Four, I'd have to say I was a little more than disappointed. He didn't look liked the Four I pictured but he acted the role naturally. He played the perfect cold-hearted training teacher at the start and then melted into that Four we all love and know.

This whole movie had me squealing with delight. I'm just so happy with what they did and even though there were a few changes in it, I still loved it. I was a little disappointed because Uriah wasn't in it :( Hopefully he'll be in the other movies. This movie had me going through all the Divergent feels all over again and I really want to see it again. (I'll probably buy the DVD!) I'm sorry if this review turned out to be a mess, it's a little hard to write when you're just thinking of Theo Ja- *cough* the movie! If you are a massive Divergent fan, then you must see it! You'll love it ;)



  2. Great review! And I agree with you on the casting of Christina, Will and Al. I was disappointed with how they didn't really emphasize Will and Christina's relationship since that meant that Will's death had less impact on the non-reading audience. But oh well, it was an amazing movie nonetheless!

  3. I saw it over the weekend and I LOVED it! I haven't read the book in years so little changes didn't bother me too much. I really liked all the stunts but for me the zip-line was one scene I disliked because it looked so fake! I want to watch this again and again!

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