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{Discussion} What Movies Can Do That Books Can't

By 6:13 pm

Since book to movie adaptations are all the talk at the moment, I thought this topic was appropriate. Some of you might be thinking, "What...books are always better!" Well I agree 100% but I think sometimes movies have the upper hand.

      1.    Music
Other than reading, music is another one of my passions that takes up a huge part in my life. Movies tend to have spectacular soundtracks that really go with the scene and it heightens the intensity of emotions the audience go through. In other words, the feels hit that much harder!

      2.    The actors/actresses
You have to admit that acting has gotten so much better these days and the casting for our favourite characters have been pretty accurate so far. These talented actors have been able to portray our characters and their emotions so well. With this our characters have come to life before us!
For example:

     3.    Cinematography
Along with the improved acting we also have better quality of cinematography. I saw Divergent recently and I was so impressed with what they did to make the scenery match the book.

      4.    More Advertisement
As much as I hate to say it, movies do have better advertisement. It’s not every day I’m walking down the street and see a poster for the newest release of a book. I wish they would do this because it would make it easier for us bloggers/readers. Along with this advertisement brings more fans. (I hate it though because people only read the book to watch the movie)

      5.    Brings fans together
Movies also bring fans together. There’s nothing like being in a cinema filled with fangirls and you all awwww or laugh at the same time. You feel like you’re part of a bigger community because sometimes you forget how many people enjoy the same things as you.

So these are my reasoning's for what movies can do that books can't. I'd love to here your feedback in the comments below ;)

Do you agree with me? 
Were there any points that I missed out?


  1. I love both movies and books but all these are great points for why you should watch movies every now and then. I especially love being in the cinema and transporting to a different place for a few hours. Awesome post Francoise!

  2. I adore the fact that movies can bring to life your favourite book and have kick-ass music during certain scenes that get you all hyped up... but, at the same time, even though there have been some amazing actors and actresses, they are never quite the character I pictured them to be in my head. I also have this thing where, when I'm watching a book-to-movie adaption for the first time, I'll always seem to be underwhelmed but then, afterward, I just accept it as what it is - just someone's take on the book - and usually end up growing to love it.

    Great post! :D

  3. Great post Francoise! I love that you took a somewhat over done topic but looked at it in a different light. What movies can do rather than can't, and I totally agree with all of your points :)

  4. I love this post because i feel like so many people (book people really) bash on movie adaptions for what they can;t do and while i get it i also love movies and see both sides of the argument! I completely agree with the cinematography and that it brings more people together! The casting has also gotten better and these actresses potray such iconic characters it's ncie to see them in the flesh! Great post
    Lily @ Lilysbookblog