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Valentines Day Crushes

By 5:30 pm

Since it's that time of the year (again)  I decided I wanted to share with you my many (and I mean many) book boyfriends I have and also so I can see yours. And I think it's only fitting at this time of year because we all have those characters we love so much and wished were real.

Let's get this thing rolling!

(In no particular order)

1. Etienne St Claire

2. Percy Jackson and Leo Valdez

3. Lucas, Hector and Orion

4. Patch

5. Warner and Kenji

6. Gus

7. Chaol

8. Dimitri 

9. Four 

10. Galen

11. Kaidan 

12. Daemon

13. Maxon

14. John

15. Jace

16. Dash

So this is my pretty long list and I was trying to cut back by the way. It feels like this list is forever growing as more male characters keep coming out with that damn swoonability. I hope you all have a brilliant Valentines Day (mine will be spent eating Ben & Jerry's wishing for that someone to coming in my life) and spend it wisely! 


  1. Well done for actually compiling a list, I do not have enough strength not time to make one of my own. I'd be here for days and constantly re-arranging. You know how much I love so many of them. Great choices, Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. *swoon* So many of my favourite book boyfriends. I have too many to compile into a list, haha ;) Gus, Jace, Dash, Four, Chaol, Percy, Leo and Patch are some of my favourites too! I'd have to add William Herondale from The Infernal Devices though.. he's probably my top YA crush :D

    Great post, Francoise!

  3. Gus, Chaol, Four! These are some fantastic crushes Francoise, thanks for doing a great list. Happy Valentines day!