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{Review} Storm and Stone by Joss Stirling

By 7:21 pm

Author: Joss Stirling
Release Date: February 6th 2014
Publishers: Oxford University Press
Pages: 288
Genre: Mystery 
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Behind the ivy-clad walls of an exclusive boarding school, lurks a sinister web of corruption, scandal, and conspiracy. American student Raven Stone has noticed something is horribly wrong. First there were the unexplained disappearances. Then there were the teachers' lies. And now the death threats ...Also entangled in the disturbing turn of events is the enigmatic Kieran Storm - a fellow student with a killer intellect and a body to die for. He's heading for trouble and taking her with him. Raven can feel herself falling in love, but can she trust a boy she knows almost nothing about?

*I received this for review from Oxford University Press, in no way does this effect my review*

Review - No Spoilers

I adored Storm and Stone and I've been opened to the world of Joss Stirling's writing. I like her style but I think I would have enjoyed this novel a little more if it were in first person. I also love how this book was set at a boarding school because I really this setting at the moment! 

From the beginning of the novel you get this underlying mystery about the school and soon conspiracy theories form. When having money means everything, our main character Raven is the outcast as she's attends school by a scholarship. Two new students arrive, befriending her and soon stir up everything and cause trouble. 

I really liked the characters in this book. The three main characters had such unique personalities, the intelligent one, the one who's all charm and the brave one. I loved the main character Raven because even though she suffered from some severe bullying she never broke down and didn't use violence as first resort. She was also very sassy which I loved and always stood up for herself even when the false accusations got at it's worst. Kieran was over-intellegent and his character reminded me a lot of Sherlock. It was amusing reading the constant banter between him and Raven. Not only was he crazy smart, he was a very attractive character who you couldn't help but fall in love with. Joe was the all too funny character who's that best friend you know you can always fall back on. 

The mystery was right up to the very end and when the truth is revealed you're sort of like, that's messed up! This novel also didn't turn out how I thought it would judging from the summary so it was surprising seeing how it ended. Usually I can tell the main plot but this one was a lot different which was good because it meant I had no expectations. 

In the end I really liked this book. It was a cute read full of mystery and I like those every once in a while. I really liked Stirling's writing and I'll be looking out for her other books. Storm and Stone is a brilliant name for the book (you'll find out why if you read it) and I really recommend that you read it! This a great book filled with action, romance and is certainly filled with loads of conspiracy theories which follows a girl who goes through sever bullying. 


  1. Surprisingly I'd actually never heard of this until you showed me but I'll be keeping an eye out for it cos it looks like a different read than my usual. Love the boarding school mystery aspect. Great review!