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Bookish Pet Peeves!

By 9:53 pm

A lot of booktubers have been making videos on pet peeves so I thought I might join in on this one. Setting this all out on dot points I realise that I have quite a few...jeeez I'm easily riled up.

So do you agree with these points or am I just crazy!

These ones or more based on people:

1. When people lean over my shoulder and start trying to read what I'm reading:

Please tell me I am not the only one who finds this incredibly annoying! I'll just be sitting there minding my own business, quietly reading and a friend might try and read over my shoulder. Obviously because I can sense them standing behind me I shut the book and glare at them. And then they have the nerve to give me that smirk and then say "Are you reading something naughty?" I nearly explode every time this happens.

2. When people try and talk to me while I'm obviously reading

Look, I don't mind if it;s a quick chat and they're just asking for help, BUT when they keep talking...enough said

3. When people spoil things for me

Usually when I'm reading a book that I know has had a lot of hype around it I avoid the internet in general. Because I know there is just going to be that one person that forgets to put a spoiler warning. But if someone comes up to me and deliberately or by accident spoils me I get so mad. I'm not a person who loves spoilers at all. I don't mind theories before the novel has come out though!

4. When people ask for spoilers

This one is just as bad as the previous one. I hate spoilers so therefore I don't like giving out them either and when someone pesters me for spoilers it annoys the crap out of me. What part of no do you not understand? The N or the O? And they go on to say, "You might as well tell me because I can always look on the internet." My answer will always be no.

Next few points are based on the book:

1. Cover changes

I hate it when a series is following a certain cover scheme whether it may be the colour or the people on the front cover, but I hate it when the next book comes out and BAM it's just completely different. It completely jacks up your collection of the series. I also hate it when the sizing changes and this usually happens with paperback.

2. Stories that are stretched out into series or trilogies

One series comes to mind and this is The Selection. Don't get me wrong I love this series but the first two novels can be one book. They don't need to it out into two books, they're short enough as it is. It's almost like the publishers are just doing it to make more money... 

3. Not having the double quotation marks ""

I know this is a really odd one but I have no idea why it annoys me. You know when you're reading a book and when they speak they only use '. It annoys me, it's meant to be ". I only like this when it's highlighting a persons thoughts but even then that irks me slightly. I just feel like the author got lazy and couldn't be bothered to press an extra key "shift".

Obviously I could go on and say how I hate insta-love and love-triangles but those are the obvious ones. So do you agree? Yes or No? I'm crazy right?

What're your bookish pet peeves?


  1. I hate the one about the cover changes too! Have you read The Hundred Oaks series? That's like a nice example of books changing covers... Gah I just hate it. And I actually really do love spoilers (please don't hate me) but I don't love spoiling people, it just ruins all the reading fun!

    Nice list! :)

    -Kimi of Geeky Chiquitas

  2. My list would be exactly the same! I hate it when your collection is ruined but even more when the height changes. I'm so picky with how my bookshelf looks and I obviously want novels of the same series to be next to eachother. But when they are different heights it looks so bad. I love when it's a whole row of same size books. I have a classmate who constantly interrupts me while reading and I feel like smaking him over the head with my book! Great choices.

  3. Great list! Totally agree with you! Spoilers are the WORST THINGS EVER. I hate it when people don't put a warning before the review and when people just talk about a massive spoiler on a public domain. It's so inconsiderate >.< Of course it's understandable if you spit out by mistake or forget. Oh, cover changes are so annoying too. It ruins our pretty bookshelves!

    Thanks for sharing, Francoise!

  4. Cover changes get me SOOOO angry, why, why, why would anyone change the cover of a series half way through. It's even more annoying when the covers are gorgeous and they change them into ugly covers. That seriously riles me up! When the cover changes size as well, it just doesn't look right.
    I hate it when people say spoilers like it's no big thing--because everyone's obviously read the book already now that you have.
    I know what you mean about The Selection series, the books are so small and could be made into one book without any editing! The books are tiny compared to some hardbacks.
    Great list Francoise! I read The Elite and America annoyed me massively btw. I want him, no I want him, but I've always loved him, oh no, he understands me completely. UUUGH.

  5. Haha those are my pet peeves too except for spoiling other people if they ask to be spoiled. I just love spilling all the info of the book when someone wants to be spoiled haha. I hate, hate, hate cover changes. They are the most annoying bookish things ever! Sometimes I just want to contact the publisher and ask "hey, why ya'll changing the cover!? It was fine BEFORE!" What I also hate is when a book is supposed to be a standalone, and then it is stretched into like 7 books and those books are irrelevant. Ugh. But some books that are stretched into a series actually turns out fine, but not all the time. I refuse to read books that has 7 or more books in a series, though. That's TOO MUCHO.

  6. I completely agree! I also hate it when people keep annoying me to see what I'm reading, and then when I show them the cover and it has like people kissing on it they think I'm reading erotica or something. And most of the time people aren't familiar with the type of book I'm reading, so when I tell them the title, they just nod, and then it becomes awkward because I'm trying to read.