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{Movie Review} Thor The Dark World

By 8:15 pm

As you can tell from the title, this is definitely not my usual sort of review. This will be a short review but I just want to get my opinion out there! If you don't already know, I am a MASSIVE fan of everything and anything Marvel. If you don't know what I mean by this, I'm talking about the makers of Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Captain America etc...I saw Thor 2 this afternoon which I have been anticipating for quite a while and I was definitely not let down.

Can I just say that this was a massive improvement from Thor 1. As much as I loved it, it was always lacking something. This one had everything the first one didn't have. One thing I really liked was that we got to see way more of Asgard and some of the other realms. We got more of a sense of how the Asgardians worked so that was nice to see. Also, Thor 2 is right after Avengers so if you have not seen that first, it will not make total sense to you.

Loki...need I say no more. I've missed his character and snide remarks! The brotherly bond between Loki and Thor was truly hilarious and sad at the same time. It was great because we don't see much of them together unless they're at each others throats. The story-line is a lot more interesting than the first one, Marvel have definitely improved in that area. Chris Hemsworth is just gorgeous. I was happy because there was a shirtless scene! And his voice...stopping here before I fangirl!

In general I can't really say anymore because I just loved it. If you haven't scene it or any of the Avengers movies, I don't know what you're doing with your life. Go watch them now! And if you're planning to see Thor 2 I suggest you see it in 3D because obviously it is a very action-packed movie.
Now all I'm waiting for is Captain America 2, The Winter Soldier. AAAAAAAAAAAAAah!


  1. Ah! I am completely obsessed with marvel movies too!
    Iron man has to be my favourite. I love all three. Followed closely by X-men (the first and wolverine - the others weren't great...)
    I can't wait to go see the new thor film!
    Marian ^_^ x

  2. Oh yay, really happy to hear that this was better than Thor 1. I actually haven't seen either yet but I love superheros so I should really go see them! Thanks for reviewing Francoise.

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  3. Love this!!! I saw the movie yesterday, and loved it too!! My favorite scene was when Loki turned into Captain America... bahaha I loved it!!!! I absolutely agree that the plot is much better than it was in the last movie.
    The only thing I didn't like, was that there didn't seem to be much chemistry between Thor and the girl he likes. Gahh I can't remember her name! You know who I'm talking about :p
    Awesome movie review!

  4. OMG I loved it so much! I agree Thor's voice is so hot! His smile as well...hugely jealous of Natalie Portman! You're so right, this one had something that the other was lacking. The story was so much better, more humour and we got to see more of Asgard. I love Loki so much because is character is amazing and complex. Also, the brief cameo of Captain America was such a treat!Great review Francoise!

  5. I haven't seen the first or second one but I did see the Avengers. Don't kill me but I've just never been able to love Thor, but I must admit.. He has a pretty cool hammer. Glad you enjoyed it though, seems like it was a suscessful movie! Great Review. :)