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Tag: The Book Sacrifice

By 6:18 pm

Hey guys it's been a while. Just as a little update I've been reading House of Hades but I'm trying to read really slowly so it doesn't end! Anyways from the post title you can tell this is yet another tag. I got tagged ages ago by Kayla from The Bookish Owl and so I decided to do it now. I've been meaning to do it for a while now but I recently moved school and I've been very busy, especially with exams in 2 weeks.

This tag is created by Ariel Bissett who is one of the many booktubers I watch. Many vloggers have done this tag but of course, us bloggers can too! Here's her video:

Disclaimer: I just wanted to say that I took the scenario's from Kayla's blog and this tage is basically for everyone to join in!

Scenario 1:

An Over-Hyped book: Let’s start this off with a Zombie Apocalypse! Let’s say you’re in a book store, just browsing, when BAM! ZOMBIES ATTACK. An announcement comes over the PA System saying that the military has discovered that the zombies’ only weakness is over-hyped books. What book that everyone else says is amazing but you really hated do you start chucking at the zombies knowing that it will count as an over-hyped book and successfully wipe them out?!

Vampire Academy!

I don't know why I didn't like this book because I love the vampire genre! Maybe it was because I was reading it on my phone but my friend and I were reading it together and she didn't like it eiher. I have heard so many good things about this series and I know it's going to be a movie but I just hated the main character Rose (or whatever her name was). I found her really cocky and I could just not relate to her at all! At first I even thought she was a guy and then I thought she was a lesbian (not that I have anything against that) but I just found it so confusing! I don't know, should I give it another chance?

Scenario 2:

A Sequel: Let’s say you’ve just left the salon with a SMASHING new haircut and BOOM: Torrential downpour. What sequel are you willing to use as an umbrella to protect yourself?

The Elite

I have to agree with Kayla on this one. As you know from my review this one left me with incredibly mixed feelings! America just annoyed the hell out of me and I just found her character was so different from the first one. I think the final novel will be the deciding point on whether I like the series or not. I just had so many problems and I found that the first one was so much better.

Scenario 3:

A Classic: Let’s say you’re in a lecture and your English teacher is going on and on about how this classic changed the world, how it revolutionized literature and you get so sick of it that you chuck the classic right at his face because you know what? This classic is stupid and it’s worth detention just to show everyone how you feel! What Classic did you chuck?

To Kill A Mockingbird

A lot of people have said they liked it but I hated it. I think it's because of the fact that it was required reading and anything we read in class the teacher shreds it to bits. I don't enjoy dissecting everything and wondering what techniques they used or what was the message the author was trying to convey to the audience! I just seriously disliked this book! But I guess I'm not a huge fan of classics anyways.

Scenario 4:

Your least favourite book of life!: Let’s say that you’re hanging out at the library when BAM global warming explodes and the world outside becomes a frozen wasteland. You’re trapped and your only chance for survival is to burn a book. What is the book you first run to, your least favourite book of all life, what book do you not fully regret lighting?

Nothing Yet!!!

I haven't found a book yet that I have extremely hated! I think that's a good thing and I think blogging has enabled me to choose good books. 

So here was The Book Sacrifice tag. I hope you enjoyed reading it! If you're a blogger I recommend this tag. It's loads of fun! Thank you Kayla for tagging me!


  1. I've seen this video a lot and always wanted to join in so I'm glad bloggers are finally taking part. I agree with all of your choices. I've just come to terms that I'll never be part of the VA family. I also would have chosen The Elites for reasons we have ranted about plenty. But I would have definitely burned Lord of The Flies, with a smile on my face! Great Post!

  2. I saw this tag ages ago on youtube, it looks so fun! I know what you mean about Rose, she can be cocky, but (as a majorly biased fan) I advise you to storm through because it's worth it for the character development and romance. I think she's meant to start out overly confident and then she matures a lot.
    I just read The Selection and really liked it (I didn't LOVE it though) so now I'm interested to read The Elites, we shall see. Love the cover of The One though, these covers so pwetty. :D great tag Francoise!

    ~Tilly @ Hardcore Heroines

  3. Oh, I love Rose! She's not for everyone, but I really like heroines like her. They're actually my favorite kind.

    To Kill a Mockingbird is a great book, but I do get that reading it for school sucks the enjoyment out of it for some people (I actually don't mind required reading that much). I would recommend reading it again in a few years just to try it out again. Maybe you'll like it much more if you don't have to read it for a class. :)

    I may try this tag sometime. It depends on when/if I have time.