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Two Diva's Bookish Discussion - What makes a good...?

By 5:49 pm

Hi we're Francoise and Sunny and we have known each other since our nappy days. We're constantly having rants and raves about the latest books and bookish news.This is a fortnightly discussion that you can find on both of our blogs, so please make sure to stop by both blogs as our written content is different, although on the same topic. Our posts are not intended to offend anyone or anything but this is just our opinions and we would love it if you would share your thoughts in the comments below. This is a new feature we decided to add and the purpose is not only for you to get to know more about us but for you to be able to join in and have fun.

What makes a good...Romance?

For today discussion we are continuing the theme of what makes a good...? and the topic is a romance. There are many factors that need to go into a novel that we think makes a good romance. 

A love interest with swoon-ability - I think the love interest has to have swoon-ability otherwise I don't feel the connection with him. It also makes it more realistic and it feels like you're the main character herself. 
Original Personality - This point will most likely come up with everything. This is because it just makes the story bland and it feels like every other character in different books. I hate seeing the same sort of love interest aka bad boy. This is why I love The Fault in Our Stars so much because Augustus is a character I'll never forget. 
Not the stereotypical pairing - I'm starting to get sick of the usual girl who's a nerd and nobody pays attention to her until some popular guy comes and swoops her off her feet. We've all seen this a million times!
Flaws - I find that if the love interest isn't flawed, the character feels unrealistic. This sort applies to any character as no body is ever perfect. But I don't know why and I'm not sure if you guys agree but when the love interest is perfect, I find they're less attractive. 
Insta-love - This has been a major topic amongst all readers and if you've read quite a lot of my posts you'll know that seriously dislike insta-love. Again it is just so unrealistic because they barely know each other but they fall in love. I prefer it when the characters hate each other at first and then it grows into something more. Then again this is just my preference so you may not agree. 
Some disagreement - When I say this I meant that there has to be at least one argument between the pair because relationships always go through ups and downs. Also when their relationship becomes tested (due to some problem) it strengthens the bond between them. 
Non existent friends/parents -  Sometimes I think in romances they get too caught up in their own little world they forget the people around them. Especially parents! Always we'll see the parents at the start of the book and then they're gone for the duration of the whole book. What did they just die without the readers knowing!

What makes a friend/side kick?

Loyal & Dependable - A best friend of the protagonist is always there for her/him. I like it when times get rough they always have that deep conversation with each other and you just get that good sense of a bond. They're always that trustworthy and the protagonist can always rely on them. 
Protective - The best friend is always protective and they're always there to keep the main character in line. They're always that character that is a nice slap back to reality which the protagonist always seems to need. 
A history - I love it when they have been friends since childhood. But sometimes I find it refreshing when it's a character they just met and throughout the story they become closer. It shows a lot of character development
Funny - Do you always find that the best friend is funny, loud, sarcastic? I don't know why but I love these characters as the best friends. 
Own Opinion - I think that the best friend doesn't always have to agree with everything the main character is doing. I'm all for showing support but sometimes the protagonist has no common sense so again, it's good to have that strong anchor. 

So this is my opinion on what makes a good romance and best friend/side kick. You may not agree with everything I say but I would love your input in the comments below! Please remember to check out Sunny's post because hers is different.
Thank you for reading my posts! 


  1. Awwwwww, swoon ability... One of THE most important factors in a love interest! I also don't like it when the couple seem so wrapped up in each other that they seemingly forget about friends/family.

    I'm a huge fan of the known-each-other-for-years friendships and also enjoy it when the MC and the friend challenge each other and have arguments. It makes it so much more believable!

    Great discussion post! :D

  2. When it comes to romances and characters, I'm really not that picky. Unless something sticks out and becomes annoying, I'll like them at least a little bit. I'm much more tolerant of insta-love than some, but there are times when it's too much for me. If the author can develop the romance well and can provide a good reason why they fell for each other, then I'll probably accept that romance.

    Hate then love romances are my favorites. It's the banter between characters. I just love the banter!

    I not only like those qualities that you mentioned in a best friend, but also in a hero. Actually, those are some of the things I look for most in a hero. :)

  3. I hate stereotypical love interests! I'm so over the whole bad-boy-who's-secretly-good thing, or the swoonworthy-but-kind-of-an-ass thing. My favorites have always been the sweet protective ones who are sometimes a little awkward and/or nerdy. I'd take one of those over a bad boy any day.

  4. I LOVE these posts, they are well thought out and just generally awesome! I love the point about when the love interest is too perfect, you find them less alluring. That's so true, when everyone else is swooning over the hot bad boy or something I'm just like you can have him! lol

    When I read your "what makes a good best friend" bit it just reminded me of Ron from Harry Potter :) You've absolutely nailed it here.

    Great post hun!

  5. Great Post haha! Agree with everything, I think we listed some pretty important qualities :)

  6. I agree with absolutely everything that you have said with romances. I'm also tired of cliched, stereotypical pairings too and more often than no, I find them to be quite boring and repetitive

    Flaws are a MUST. Seriously, I hate it when the male love interest is super duper hot, gorgeous, smart without studying hard, speaks 10 languages, knows how to dance/cook/random other things, acts perfect, every girl wants to be with him however he only has eyes for the MC for... reasons. ARRRGH. So not realistic at all, definitely sounds like wish fulfillment for the author. ree but when the love interest is perfect, I find they're less attractive.

    Insta-love ties in pretty closely with the unrealistic nature of flawless love interests and they are definitely frustrating as hell!

    Great post :)

  7. Haha. "Not the stereotypical pairing"... Dead on! I think it started off as UNstereotypical... You know, shy, plain girl gets the popular quarterback or something like that.. But then practically every.single.romance out there followed suit and it became the NEW stereotype.

    I think it's also important in a romance that characters' lives aren't always revolving around their better half. I find it more believable when characters have their own thing that DOESN'T involve their significant other.

    Love this post!

    ~amanda @ elfswood