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Bibliotheca 8

By 6:03 pm

Hello guys, if you don't already know who I am, I'm Francoise a teenage blogger who owns My Crazy Bookish World. Bibliotheca 8 is a new feature that I have joined on the blog The Bookish Owl. It is a guest post and you choose a topic of your choice and write 8 things about it. Go to her blog to sign up if you would love to join! For my topic I chose "Over-hyped books!'

Ok I'm sure all of you can agree that when there is an over-hyped book it's just EVERYWHERE!!! Sometimes it just gets tiresome seeing it over and over again. So here's a few things I wanted to say on this discussion:

1. Writing Reviews!
This point is more for my fellow bloggers. Do you guys think that once you've read an over-hyped book that there's any point to writing a review? Well I was thinking the other day when I was writing my City of Bones one, is there any point? I use my reviews to alert avid readers like me to book that I think deserve a attention but if a book already has it is there any point? I guess I might be looking at it the wrong way as blogging is a way to share your opinions about book but sometimes I think a book already has enough attention. 

2. Do over-hyped books change your opinion?
When I know there has been a lot of hype surrounding a book, I try to lower my expectations so that it's more amazing. I find that if I have too high expectations it might lower the books standards. I reckon if you haven't heard much about a book and you know nothing about it, it makes it more of a surprise. I had heard SO much about John Green and when I tried The Fault in Our Stars I thought it was good but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't heard so much about it. 

3. Too much attention
I hate it when a book receives so much attention my enjoyment of reading it just plummets. I know people always say, "It's the same as it was before, just more people like it." but I'm sorry I do not agree. I hate it when non-readers watch the movie or something and they call themselves true fans. READ THE BOOKS! I hate it when it's the only thing people can talk about it. Yes the book was amazing but so is plenty other books!

4. Highly Anticipated books
Sometimes I think it's bad when a book hasn't even been published yet and it gets so much attention. The 5th Wave was one of my most highly anticipated books of the year and now that I'm reading I think it's good but if I had heard less about it, I think I would have enjoyed it more. 

5. If you dis a popular book
Holy crap, this isn't necessarily an issue but if you say anything bad about a popular book or author you have declared WWIII. I'm sorry but if you insult someone's favourite series it is your fault that you have highly skilled assassins after you. That is something you just don't do. It is the unwritten rule that you do not cross.  

6. Over-hyped authors
Sometimes I think when an author becomes really popular, I just think those fans just like to shove their books down your throat if you have not read it. I'm not pointing any fingers but geez Cassandra Clare fans are crazy. I think I find this more amusing than anything. And by the way, I can't say I don't get a little crazy when someone has not read a book. 

7. The cons to not reading a over-hyped book
I think if you don't read a book that's receiving a lot of attention you are more prone to accidentally hearing spoilers! If you're like me and you hate spoilers this is very annoying. It usually goes along the lines of reading a review on the internet and the person forgetting to write a spoiler alert sign and thus leaving you blinded forever. The things you cannot unsee...
Also you might hear bad things about it and this might turn you off from reading it and it actually could be something you enjoy.

8. Positive things
I think there are definitely positive things to bringing a lot of attention to a book/series. First of all it means the author gets a chance in the spot light. Also sometimes I think books deserve more attention because some don't get noticed and that is pretty sad. I also think when a book becomes popular and everyone is talking about it, it becomes conversations starters and I just love discussing good novels to other people. It becomes a sort of community and it is always a good feeling when you are part of a certain fandom! 

So these are my 8 points on "over-hyped" books! As you can see there are negative and positive things to it. Of course this is only my opinion and you don't have to agree but I would love your feedback. Make sure to keep watch on the new Bibliotheca 8 feature on The Bookish Owls post.

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