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Discussion: What makes a book enjoyable?

By 6:00 pm ,

Have you ever come across a book where you know the writing is terrible but you can't help but love it? Today I was talking to a couple of my friends and we started talking about a series that we love but the writing is not so spectacular.

If you've read Prince of Wolves, you probably can agree that it's not the best. But I can't help but love it. 

So the question is why?

Sometimes you don't need to have a reason why and it's as simple as you enjoyed the story and the characters. I loved the characters and the dry humour in Prince of Wolves. All in all, your enjoyment falls down to how much your involved with the storyline and the characters I think personally. 

Prince of Wolves in emojis:

Obviously I'm not saying that I can enjoy every book but there are just some where you can excuse the small flaws. 

What is the deal breaker for you? Does the writing have to be amazing for you to enjoy it? Do you read inside a particular genre?