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Top Ten Tuesday

By 6:41 pm

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish which has a different theme every week.

I thought for a change I'd participate in this fun meme! Today the topic is top ten book related problems

  1. No Sleep - Once you get into reading be prepared to lose sleep over it
  2. Bookmarks - My worst problem is having no bookmarks! I lose all of them somehow and often the case is I'm reading more than one book. So...I have to resort dog-earing my pages
  3. Space - I look at all the popular booktubers and I'm always so envious. They have heaps of books and space!!!
  4. Money - I don't know about you but I certainly can't afford to by every book I want.
  5. Time - Now that I'm in year 11 I have no time anymore! It's only week 4 and I haven't had a chance at all.
  6. Spoilers - I can't stand spoilers and I feel like I have to ban myself from social media to avoid them
  7. Judgement - I hate it when you're trying to explain your most favourite book to someone who doesn't read and you can just feel the judgement...
  8. Attachments to characters - When you have to remind yourself that they're not real...
  9. Bad Books - I hate wasting my time on books that I end up hating
  10. The End - I hate that feeling of having to finish the book and return to reality.

Can you relate with me on this? With great books, come great sacrifices.


  1. Yes, yes, yes, and yes. I completely agree with all of these! Particularly space, no sleep and money! The problems of being a book lover, its a tough hobby haha

  2. It is a tough hobby! To all the people who scoff at bookworms, they should realise all the dedication we put into it!

  3. I can relate to all of these actually. :) Especially the no time one. I'm in year 12 and omg I had to cut down my reading challenge so much this year. But not entirely, I still need time to read. It'll keep me sane! :P
    And yeah, space. I play tetris with my books....
    Also, getting judged for being a fangirl (this is why you go to the library) and/or being attached to fictional plots/characters.
    Lovely post! This weeks' TTT was a great topic!