Sunday, 27 April 2014

2 Diva Bookish Discussions: The One - Theories

Sunny: So today we decided to do a joint discussion in a different format. We're thinking of doing more discussions like this so if you like it better this way please tell us!
FrancoiseSince The One by Kiera Cass is being published on May 6th we thought we'd post our predictions for it. If you haven't read The Elite we strongly advise that you don't read this! And if you're Team Aspen...we're sorry!


Francoise: We have had many discussions about what we think will happen in The One. A lot of it revolves around who she'll choose and what's going to happen with the rebel attacks. 
Sunny: I think that there are numerous people who are involved in the rebellion. I think that Aspen and America's father are major parts in the rebel attacks.
Francoise: Yeah because think about it, her name is America which is conveniently what Illea used to be called. As soon as America confided in her dad about Gregory IllĂ©a's diary the rebels tried to steal it. 
Sunny: It's likely they stole the other books in attempt to get the diary and it was a secret for a long time so how else would they have found out about it.
Francoise: Also, during the Halloween party, the father was walking around the grounds which is a bit suspicious if you ask me.
Sunny: So yeah I predict that her father is somehow involved in the attacks and that a bit more on that will hopefully be in the One. Also, the girl who part of the attack bowed sarcastically and she didn't raise an alarm. 
Francoise: Also I think Aspen is involved somehow. After all if the dad is involved they are good friends and it's funny how Aspen is a guard.
Sunny: Yes I know right, he can use America as an excuse to be there and find out information but also get a scope of the buildings.
Francoise: Exactly, how else would the rebels know where to go half the time. Maybe that's why he doesn't fight for her as hard, he just needs her to believe that he wants her. Basically in my eyes, he's using her.
Sunny: That's exactly what I think. Which also leads me to hope that we find out more about Aspen's character, cos we don't really know that much about him. No Aspen hate intended!
Francoise: Moving on from the theories on the rebel attacks, now let's talk about what we want to see. I for one really want to see more of a swoony Maxon.
Sunny: I would for him to defend himself more and just become stronger. He has good intentions and ideas, he just needs to voice them.
Francoise: He needs to grow more of a backbone, defend himself from the king and stand up against him. Also, he needs to be more straight forward with America and what he wants.
Sunny: Yeah they have communication issues. I want to see more of the Queen, I feel like she has the potential to be awesome. Learning more about Kota would be great because I think we all wanna know what's up with him.
Francoise: And finally, America needs to get her act together. I want the old America back, the one from The Selection. The one who knew what she wanted and wasn't so indecisive between each guy.
Sunny:Yeah America can rock when she wants, she just needs to find her awesomeness again. But overall these are just preferences and I think Kiera will do great.

So what did you think of this type of discussion?

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  1. I'm liking the format! :D

    I also think America's father could be in on it and you've brought up some good points about Aspen so I can totally see him as a rebel too. I ALSO REALLY WANT AMERICA TO NOT BE SO INDECISIVE!!! I really don't want to be wanting to wring her neck all the way through this one. She better just choose Maxon at the beginning so something can be done about these rebels!

    Great post! :D