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Rating System

5 Hearts: I have fallen in love with this book and it will forever be one of my favourites! YOU MUST READ THIS NOVEL NOW!!! This rating is very rarely given out as the book has to leave a lasting impression that will stay with me forever! 

4 Hearts: Besides the minor issues, I absolutely love this book. It's not quite up to the level to be classified as a #1 book but definitely high up there! I recommend! 

3 Hearts: I am reluctant to recommend this book to people as there were quite a few problems that I couldn't put aside. 

2 Hearts: I didn't like this book at all and it has little to no significance to me. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. 

1 Heart: I absolutely hate it (yeah I know hates a strong word and yada, yada but this is how I feel) and it's definitely not a book for me. I would NEVER recommend this to anyone or speak of it again. 

DID NOT FINISH - No words needed.